Tree Removal- NOT a DIY Project

October 22, 2010

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I’ve done some DIY tree removal, believe it or not. As a teenager, we lived on top of a forested mountain, Spencer’s Mountain style– living off the land as much as possible. We relied on wild game for food and on wood for our winter heating fuel. It was an interesting few years for me. While I liked living off the land and being self-sufficient, I didn’t want to be dirt-poor, and i had ambitions as a kid, so I left after I grew up. But I look back on those years with a fondness for homesteading. Maybe I’ll do it again, someday.

We used to fell our own trees. My stepdad would pack up the three boys and me into his rusty old pickup truck, and off we go into the forest. My mom always had conniptions when we left. She remembered the scene in Spencer’s Mountain where the tree falls on the dad. Well, that wouldn’t happen with my stepdad. Because he had us fell the trees while he supervised. lol But I do remember one close call where my brother cut too deep an angle, and the tree was going right toward him. He moved out of the way, but it was a scary time.

I found this video that so exemplifies how difficult tree removal is. Oopsie! Oh dear. šŸ™

The kids and I felled a tree on this property a few years ago, but it was a small (25 feet) ornamental tree. Still, little trees are HEAVY. Tree felling is serious business. We had to have a huge, huge dead maple removed from the front yard a few years ago (the thing was about 50 feet tall, and only about 20 feet from the house. It dropped HUGE limbs onto the front yard from time to time. The limbs only occasionally glanced the roof– thank God it never damaged it seriously. There was NO WAY I was going to let The Hubs take it down. We hired an arborist and he took it down. It took him two days, but the guy did it and he was amazing. The kids loved watching him swing around on the rope! He was like an acrobat!

So tree removal is serious stuff. You should always contact a pro, or look in the yellow pages for an experienced arborist. Some professionals can also offer some good tips on pruning trees and caring for trees.

I love to DIY, but tree removal is for the birds. Ugh.

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