Orchid Season

October 26, 2010


We took a trip out to our local Home Depot recently. Haven’t been there in a while (like, a week!). During the renovation, I was going so frequently, that the employees and I were greeting each other by name. 😀

We saw some absolutely brilliant plants in pots by the checkout. They were HUGE. My son, who had never seen the plant before, gasped a little and asked me what on earth was that? I told him they were orchids. They are lovely plants.

Photo from Dr. Carlos Costales Terán on Wikipedia.

As fond as a gardener I am, I never liked orchids much (although I LOVE vanilla– vanilla comes from the orchid family). I always thought they required to much babying. I don’t like to baby plants, and that’s why my home and gardens are filled with mainly native perennials. But seeing that brilliantly enormous orchid got me wondering. How difficult is it, really, to care for orchids?

Orchids in the Northeast are indoor plants, but the blog has information about planting them outdoors. Hmm. I don’t think they’d last long in our cold Zone 4 clime, but I do think that having a house full of the Vanilla planifolia would be heavenly. Mmmm.

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