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October 23, 2010


How seriously do you take home security? I have lived in rural or suburban areas most of my life. We never really had to worry much about locking the doors or windows, or having homesecuritysystemsales.com systems installed. My step-dad was a gun dealer, and he was an excellent shot. So I can’t say I had too many fears of burglary as a kid! But even so, burglary was something that happened to “other” people, far away, and in the movies.

Today, it’s a different story. Crime is reaching into the usually quiet rural and suburban areas. I live very near a city, and we hear of numerous reports of break-ins. But there are ways to secure your home without having to wave a big gun around. You can rely on preventative actions to protect your property.

Install motion detector lights.
These devices activate lights when they sense movement. Crooks are much less likely to skulk around your home if they know there’s the chance they may be seen.

Be aware of your neighborhood activity.
I think this is extremely important. Develop rapport with your neighbors, and commit to keeping an eye on each others’ properties. I have chased away a few thugs from my neighbor’s property. He was very appreciative, and I know he keeps an eye on my home.

Install deadbolt locks.
These locks are much more difficult to break. Of course, if you have a deadbolt lock on a door with a glass window, all the crook has to do is break the glass to get to the lock. So get a good, solid door, too.

Install home security systems.
These are expensive, but in an area of crime, they may be worth it. Many systems are now wirelessly connected, to prevent crooks from slicing wires and deactivating the security system.

An older home is especially susceptible to robbery. Century-old windows, basement access doors, shadowy porches and eaves make the home an easy target. But most security systems are easily retrofitted. What do you think about home security, especially the fancy systems that are available? Do you need something like it for your neighborhood? If you have one, has it ever saved your home from a robbery? How did it work?

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