Couldn’t Wait…

I hung my beautiful giant clock up in the kitchen. I had promised myself to wait until the kitchen was completely finished, as a means of motivating me to keep on keeping on with this endless project, but I just couldn’t wait. I couldn’t!! The clock was BEGGING me to go up on the wall.


The thing is huge, and weighs perhaps 20 or 30 pounds. I was no mean feat hanging this sucker. Because there is no central stud on this wall, I had to cut open the drywall, insert a block of wood between the two flanking studs, and patch the drywall back in. It took about 4 days (spackle had to dry, we had to repaint the area, etc etc). But FINALLY, it is up! I absolutely love it.

It goes with the kitchen design so well, has that bronze-y finish and an “Old World” feeling. It matches the ceiling fans exactly.

Below the clock will be a long mantle-like shelf. My iPod dock will sit on it. Yes! We got an iPod dock! My Hubs picked it, and it is really high-quality. I’ll have more on that, later. And oh yeah- under this mantle shelf will go a heater… whenever we get those installed. 😐 The forecast calls for flurries on Friday! I’m a little nervous because the basement window is still not filled in, and we have no gas lines for heaters yet. :S Both The Hubs and I have been totally swamped at work, and have absolutely no free time at all. *sigh*

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6 Responses to “Couldn’t Wait…”

  1. Karen and Gerard Says:

    That sounds like a lot of work to hang your clock. If there’s no stud where I want to hang something, I just move it over to where there is a stud. Your clock looks good there though. I’d be more concerned about getting heat than finishing the kitchen up. You kitchen looks nice to me.

  2. Mike Says:

    I love your choice! It matches perfectly.

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Karen- the stud was too far over for the clock to hang centrally on that wall. It wasn’t a big deal. THANK GOD for sheetrock!! It was horrid trying to do something like this with old paster and lathe. Sheetrock is so wonderful!!

      Mike– gee, thanks! 😀

  3. Lin Says:

    oooh, I like it! Nice work. 🙂 You are so darn smart with this house stuff. :0

  4. Jay Says:

    Wow, that clock looks FABULOUS!!