Pretty House Address Signs Improve Curb Appeal

September 10, 2010

Design and Decor

The front entry of a home is REALLY important. I had written a post about curb appeal where I sliced and diced some of the basics. I am a house fanatic. When we travel, I don’t like to drive because I’d rather look at every house we pass by. I like to look at the architecture, soak in the details, figure out what makes a home and yard attractive to me, and etc.

The most important elements of curb appeal are the front yard landscaping and the front entrance. Little touches REALLY make the difference. You may have a meticulously trimmed front lawn, but if your front yard is barren of interest, or your front entry is plain, it degrades the curb appeal. Just like jewelery on a woman, a house needs little ornaments to make it shine.

One really nice accessory is a very pretty address sign. I once believed these to be only for the “rich” folks, because they were so expensive; but home address plaques are very affordable. And they are gorgeous!

Some towns require that the homeowners mark their home address numbers on their mailbox or home, to enable firefighters and emergency crews to easily locate your home. Why use cheesy number stickers from Walmart when you can do it all up with style, and improve the curb appeal of your home?

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