New Kitchen: The Jewel of the Room

September 29, 2010


When designing a room, every room must have a “focal point.” This is where the eye is usually drawn, and from where the other design elements in the room are based. I wanted the focal point in my new kitchen to be the gloriously oversized window. The previous kitchen had one small aluminum window that I could never open (it was warped shut). The glass had large cracks in it, and the kitchen was dismally dark and cramped. It was miserable and demoralizing to cook in that kitchen. Thus, my new kitchen would be BIG, bigger in every way! I chose the window to be the spring board from which everything else revolved.


The window is 60 inches by 48 inches. I retained the Greek Revival triangular pediments and fluted trim from the rest of the house, but while the rest of the trim work in the kitchen (and elsewhere) is painted white, I decided to stain the woodwork around the window a red chestnut color. This really makes the window look very majestic. A pendant light and a natural-color cellular blind exudes incredible warmth and ambiance. It is actually pleasant to be at the kitchen sink, now. The room is so warm and cozy with the browns and reds and wood materials!


I used basic stock pieces for the window trim. The pediment is basic pine, with red oak corner bead at the top. The pediments are, generally, not difficult to make, but this was a very wide piece of pine. I had to measure very, very carefully because I would have but ONE chance to get it right. The fluted trim is pine wood (I installed MDF fluted trim elsewhere), and the rosettes are simple stock pieces I picked up at the Big Box store. The window sill was most difficult of all. I had never made a sill before, and the wall is very uneven here– one side is 1/2-inch wider than the other! I bought a long piece of yellow pine, bull-nose stair tread, and measure very carefully again. You’d never know that one side of the sill juts out 1/2-inch further than the other. When you live in an old home, there is no such thing as “square.” You must rely on optical illusions for a lot of stuff. 😀


The inner boards (jambs) for the window are poplar. So I have three varieties of wood for this window. Yeah, it’s a little unconventional, but EVERYTHING is unconventional here. A little quarter round moulding hides the waviness of the framing and the gaps of the walls. So while I am definitely NO carpenter, I managed to patch together a bunch of wood of different types and measurements to produce a window that looks rather pretty.

One Response to “New Kitchen: The Jewel of the Room”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    You’ve done a fabulous job with that window. It really looks great. I like the look of that roll-around cabinet/counter top. We have a butcher block table here. The additional storage space would be great.