New Kitchen: The Beverage Center

September 28, 2010

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While designing the kitchen, I had complete creative freedom. Of course, I did have some limits: the door here, the drains there, etc. But overall, I had an open space 12 x 23 feet to tinker with. Oddly enough, the floor plan I eventually ended up with strongly resembles the floor plan I originally sketched shortly after we moved here, over 10 years ago.

One new feature, however, is our “Beverage Center.” The kids are tea and coffee drinkers (as are their parents 🙂 ), and the old kitchen was so cramped with all six of us trying to cook, clean, and make tea/coffee. I wanted to avoid the traffic jams. I therefore decided to eliminate a small, dark, and cramped pantry closet under the stairs. I closed it up and built a small alcove with cabinets. The cabinets store our teas, coffees, mugs, and etc. It’s also a place where the kids make their own snacks and lunches. I inserted a small refrigerator under the counter for the storage of coffee creamers, lunch and snack foods, and cat foods.


The base cabinet drawers hold the dinner silverware, which is a dream come true. The kids usually set the table for dinner; the silverware and other dinner serving dishes are now conveniently located in the walkway between the kitchen and dining room. No more elbowing each other to get to the silverware and dishes!


To the left in this photo is our new (and unfinished) pantry shelf. I have yet to craft wood cabinet doors for the pantry… I cannot find any doors for it, and will have to make my own. But because my time is so filled up with more important projects (we still have no clothes dryer and still have no heaters installed), the pantry will have to wait.


I also opted for butcher block countertops for this area of the kitchen, too. I was initially hesitant to do so, knowing that the kids may be forgetful or in a hurry. Standing water and food stains are the enemies of wood countertops. But I was very pleased with the results of Waterlox on the counters. And the kids have been wonderfully careful about keeping their area neat.

I’ll be blogging more about the little details in the kitchen in posts to come. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to “New Kitchen: The Beverage Center”

  1. Carole Says:

    That is SO AWESOME!! I love that area!!

  2. Renee Says:

    What an amazing idea!! I never would have thought of this! I love it!! A special place just to store the coffee! LOL 🙂 The countertops are beautiful, too!! Great work, guys!