Diaper Duty is Back

September 27, 2010


OOOOKKKKK… I thought those diaper days were OVER. Nope, not a new baby. New DOGS. lol. My daughter wanted some Yorkie pups in the worst way, and The Hubs promised her she could adopt some once the kitchen renovation was over. Well, the kitchen renovation is not *completely* over– and won’t be for a few months.. and then there’s the upstairs to do yet (!), but we are moved back into the kitchen now. So most of the really intense work is completed. Therefore, may I present to you…




They are a Maltese and Yorkie mix, appropriately called “Morkies.” Haha!

Who knew that Morkies could bark so much >.<

So we’re packing up on the pet supplies once again. And one of the requisites for little doggies is “doggy diapers.” Because if these dogs dare pee on our new rugs, my husband will FLIP!!! lol. The dogs are kept upstairs most of the time, but we hope to train them to be good house dogs. I’d never in all my born days heard of diapers for dogs before. I think now I have heard everything. Since when did they make diapers for dogs?! And what on earth took them so long?!?! What a great invention!

OMG look at these! Heh heh heh.

HAH!!! I would find satisfaction in dressing the dogs like hot dogs, LOLOL! The hot dog costume is only $10!

Now, in case you are wondering, Livvy the Tabby-Point Siamese does not like the dogs. Not surprising, huh? She was actually very curious at first, as if she would have made friends, but their constant barking pretty much ended that! >.< So Livvy is a Living Room and Mom’s Room cat. They’ll all get used to each other, and we’ll be one big happy family soon– the dogs, the cat, and the pee-laden area rugs…

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4 Responses to “Diaper Duty is Back”

  1. Renee Says:

    Oh my, I’ve never seen a dog with coloring like the second one! Wow! The first one’s ears are so cute!! And yes, they do carry doggie diapers around here! Walmart has them in the pet section and Pet Supplies Plus and Petsmart both have them, I think… Don’t ask me how I know where to find the doggie diapers. We use cloth diapers and the dog in the rugged areas wears one all the time. He used to leave puddles everywhere. The other dogs stay on the hard floors! (We now have a load of laundry of just diapers! Just like in the baby days! LOL) Have fun with the cute little doggies! šŸ™‚ And very creative names, too!

  2. Lin Says:

    Why do people get dogs who bark??? I’m just curious–not being mean. Doesn’t that drive you batty??? How do you ignore it?

    Poor Livvy. She can come live with Aunt Lin if she wants.

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Well, Lin… all dogs bark. lol.

      My daughter wanted the dogs. I admit I have been perfectly happy with my cat. But my daughter works pretty hard around here, and she will be caring for the dogs. The Yorkies are cleaner and perkier than my beagle, who died over the summer. I’m not a dog person, but the kids have become attached to the doggies. šŸ˜€

  3. Marg Says:

    The doggies are very cute but poor Livvy. You are right thought, the kids did work really hard on the house so guess they deserve a chance. And little dogs like that are better than some huge dog that needs all kinds of outside time.
    Livvy, we will be thinking about you.
    Have a great day.