A Terrific Weekend! The End is Near! Well, Nearer…

September 6, 2010

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We are ACTUALLY talking about MOVING BACK into the kitchen this week!!! Oh my word!!!

We had a great weekend– very hectic, and I’m still sore as anything– but the room is beginning to look like a kitchen again.

Firstly, I got the flooring installed.

Vinyl Flooring

It’s TrafficMaster Allure flooring. It’s “OK.” It installed very easily (it took me a while to figure out how to do it– but once I ignored the advice of the “experts” and did it my way, it went much smoother). It took me about 10 hours to do a 12 x 23 square foot room. Yeah, I’m still sore. :-p A soak in a warm bath would help. Oooo, my knees and hands!

The bummer is that before I had even finished installing the flooring, it got a tear in the surface!! I was pretty upset. We have a small refrigerator (one of those tiny things) and it has caster feet, but there must be a sharp piece of metal poking down somewhere. Because when I pushed the fridge a little, it snagged on the floor. šŸ™ Now I have to fix the plank. But it is fixable, thank God. I’ll have more on our adventure with that, as well as a review of TrafficMaster Allure, in the near future.

We also got half the sink installation completed!!! Hurray!!!!


We’ve been without a kitchen sink for over a week. It is no fun doing dishes in the bathtub. NO FUN. My poor kids. But today, we hope to finish the sink installation, and maybe even get a dishwasher rigged up!!!! *happy dance*

The faucet we have is the Delta Touch20 Technology faucet. The kids LOVE it. You touch it to turn it on. The faucet technology is brilliantly designed.

Delta Faucet almost installed

Delta gave me this faucet, to show you all how it is installed and how it works. I’ll have a more thorough review of the faucet in an upcoming post. Right now I’m so excited that I couldn’t keep myself from mentioning it! We’re almost there!

Delta Faucet almost there

In other great news, our lighting electrical problem is solved. If you recall, two weeks ago, we accidentally broke through a wire while laying the flooring underlayment (the subfloor is more narrow in that section of the kitchen, and the screw *just happened* to go through the wire at that EXACT spot! Grr). That caused a short circuit, and the lights went out. But we fixed it that evening, or so we thought. It worked briefly, then went out again. ??? I was fretting that we would have to tear out our freshly-installed walls to re-wire the circuit again….. *shudder* … but yesterday, we found the problem— when we repaired the wire last week, we drove in the clamp too tightly, and broke through THAT wire. :S It must have been because we were so tired and in a hurry (it was late when we tried to fix it). So everything is fixed and working again. But I admit that I do now have a phobia about drilling into the walls and floors! :S

So the end is nearing. This week, we hope to get the stove, sink, dishwasher, and fridge in the kitchen and running. Next week, I have to work on all the trimwork (and there is a TON of it, especially in the dining room), and install the flooring in there.

To Do:

Laundry Alcove
Finish trim work in laundry alcove
Install shelves in laundry alcove
Install clothes dryer vent
Install gas line to dryer
Install washing machine

Install remaining four cabinets
Install toe kicks for cabinets
Install baseboard moulding
Touch up walls with paint
Install window pediment trim to both windows
Apply polyurethane to window trim
Paint other window
Apply Waterlox sealer to butcher block countertops
Install countertop for beverage area alcove, and treat with Waterlox
Install stove range
Install Delta Touch20 sink
Install dishwasher
Read instructions to learn how to use dishwasher
Clean out large refrigerator, and bring back into kitchen
Clean out small refrigerator, and plug in
Install telephone wiring in kitchen
Install network control panel/ethernet cabling in kitchen
Build large cabinet area under the stairs
Finish the pantry closet under stairs (paint, install shelves)
Install trim around cabinet area and pantry under stairs
Install gas space heater and gas line to heater

Dining Room
Install trim around four windows and six doorways (gulp)
Install crown moulding
Install baseboard moulding
Install shelves in coat closet
Install trim work around broom closet
Install flooring in Dining Room and coat closet
Install gas space heater and gas line to heater

The Rest of the House
Move furniture out of Living Room and back into Dining Room (china cabinet, bookshelves, sideboard)
Move bookshelves out of kids’ bedrooms and back into Living Room (including boxes of books)
Install gas space heater in Living Room, and gas line to heater
CLEAN EVERYTHING!!! Windows, walls, floors, furniture, curtains, linens, carpets…
Move my desk back into position and thoroughly clean and organize the disastrous mess of papers and junk all over the place….

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8 Responses to “A Terrific Weekend! The End is Near! Well, Nearer…”

  1. Carole Says:

    WOW!! You are going to have the most startling, unbelievable “before and after” pictures of your kitchen, it looks AMAZING so far! Your list of what you still have to do makes me tired, just reading it…you will surely be richly blessed for all this hard work! šŸ™‚

  2. Secondary Roads Says:

    That is looking soooooo good! Awesome! Glad you’ve solved the electrical fault. Reminds of time I drove a nail through a copper water pipe. (I’d rather forget about it.)

  3. Marg Says:

    The floor looks terrific. I really like that. It is so exciting that you are getting close to being done. Yippppeeeeee. Gosh what are you going to do when you are sort of done?? LOL.
    That does look like a long list but no where as long as when you started. Good job all of you.

  4. Karen Says:

    The floor is beautiful! We always recommend putting down a sheet of plywood when moving appliances over any floor, even if they have rollers.

    I love that faucet! I cannot wait to see it all finished. It, the whole kitchen, looks great so far.

  5. Jay Says:

    That looks totally AWESOME!!!! I am SO EXCITED for you guys!! Your kitchen is almost done! And that floor looks totally teriffic, too. So cool to see it coming together quickly. šŸ™‚

  6. Miss Szymanski Says:

    WOW! As I said before, the house is looking FABULOUS! Every time I see pictures of the progress, I am simply amazed. You guys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. šŸ˜€

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Thanks, everyone!

      I am SO SORE this week (again). I cannot wait to see the finished product, too. Wow, I need a vacation.

      Carole: We’re so busy, I sometimes forget to snap photos. I love “Before & After” photos… I have yet to go through my stash to make sure I have them organized!
      Chuck: A copper pipe, OUCH! We use PEX, and I am terrified that I may punch through it. I am very, very careful. All our nailing/screwing through walls and floors is nearly done. Whew.
      Marg: LOL, I am wondering the same thing, What am I going to do when it is all done. Well, Lord knows there’s enough work to do around here… *gulp*
      Karen, thank you for that tip! šŸ™‚
      Jay: thanks. šŸ˜€ That pantry shelf is slowly starting to take shape, too.
      Miss S: Thanks for your encouraging words!

  7. Lin Says:

    I can’t wait to see it all completed! I can’t believe how fast you have done this–although I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way for you. šŸ™‚

    Oh–I know someone that has that faucet and LOVES it!