Still Looking for Media System for Kitchen

August 13, 2010


Haven’t found a stereo system that’s *just right* for the kitchen yet. I’ve been looking around for about two months now (yes, I do usually take this long to shop!). It’s not as important as, say, installing the Sheetrock or the sink! But I do want a nice speaker set and an iPod dock. It must have AM radio capability. And it MUST NOT BE A PIECE OF JUNK. Beyond that, I’m pretty happy.

But I can’t find anything yet! I’ve been SOOO close to buying one… but the reviews are always mixed. Everyone loves Bose, I know, but I will say flatly that I am not spending more on a stereo than I’m spending on my dishwasher, k! Whoa, $350 for a stereo?!?! My budget is more around the $50 to $75 ball park range. (And that’s pretty high, I think).

Anyone have any good success stories to share? I don’t know if it’s *just me,* but when I read the reviews of a product, they are all over the place. Some rave with euphoric glee, others say they had to return the product ten times because it wouldn’t work. How can these things be from the same product?!? has this Hi-Fi System on sale for about $97 (free shipping).

That’s over my budget, but if it’s very high-quality, I’d get it. I want something small (something I can put on my shelf) that has a big sound to it, but I don’t want a lemon, nor an alarm clock with it. It’s tough to find one!

Got any suggestions? Do you have an mp3 player or iPod dock? Does it work well? Let me know!

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