Great Online Cabinet Store!

August 25, 2010


Wowsa!!! I wish I had seen this site before I bought my cabinets a few weeks ago! It’s RTA Kitchen Cabinets. They’ve been featured on HGTV and and the DIY Network, but since I don’t watch TV, I didn’t know about them until now. RTA Cabinets is a “direct importer,” which means that they can offer consumers really low prices because there’s no middle man. They have some of the lowest prices on the Internet. And the website and the cabinets just look spectacular!

“RTA” is “Ready To Assemble.” The company specializes in inexpensive, high-quality, stock cabinetry. The designs are really impressive! And NO particle board, ever! Don’t ever buy particle board cabinets– they die in a few years. Plywood cabinets are not much more expensive and they will last you years. RTA realizes this, and all their stuff is plywood. The Kitchen Cabinets styles are just gorgeous. Actually, I may buy from them, anyway– I have a bunch of new pantry closets I have built that do not have doors. The store I purchased my cabinets from do not sell separate doors. šŸ™ But after looking at the RTA Cabinets, I see a few very similar styles to the cabinets I bought! And they sell doors!!! They also sell a ton of other stuff– Rev-a-Shelf accessories (such as the pull-out trash bin that I like so much), unusual cabinet accessories (such as plate holders and wine racks), flooring (laminate and bamboo), bathroom vanities, and loads more. They also have some great articles about customizing your kitchen, and a blog, too.

It’s a great resource. If you need affordable cabinets or other stuff for your renovation, be sure to bookmark the site. I’m very impressed with the prices. My local retailer has base cabinet Lazy Susans for $500… RTA Cabinets has them for $350! I wish I’d seen RTA earlier! Oh well, I have two bathrooms to do next year, and a ton of cabinet accessories I need….

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2 Responses to “Great Online Cabinet Store!”

  1. Marg Says:

    Those do look like great cabinets and it is great to know all about the kinds of things the cabinets should be made out of. So glad you found that place. I bet Livy would enjoy those cabinets.
    Have a great day.

  2. Mike Says:

    RTA cabinets are the way to go. You can still find high quality kitchen cabinets that are ready to assemble or RTA.