Great Homeowners Resource

August 2, 2010


Here’s a brand new website that I have discovered: This looks like a terrific website! It’s a resource website filled with all sorts of delicious stuff: online coupons, loads of articles, tips, and more. I liked the articles about how to save money on heating and cooling bills, save money on phone bills (yikes, phone service has become so expensive), and stuff about saving money when grocery shopping. It has excellent resources and tips about moving companies, too, as well as helpful advice regarding long distance moving services. has a good list of companies, services, and moving guides.

It’s touted as “The Web’s Smartest Savings Club,” and so far as I can see, it lives up to its name. It also sports Billy, a goofy-looking cartoon character. He yawns if you take too long reading a page, lol. You can also tinker with some financial calculators: Mortgage and Loan Calculator, Pay Scale Salary Calculator, and etc. Looks good. The website seems relatively new, so I expect more articles to be rolling in. What’s there is very comprehensive and helpful.

If you are *into* saving money, budgeting, or looking for ways to be wiser and more efficient with your resources, check out At least go say “Hi” to him. He waves at you when you hang your mouse cursor over him. LOL.

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