Coping With Low Water Pressure

August 28, 2010


Our home is rigged up to the municipal water supply, so we are really blessed to have adequate water pressure from the inlet. However, we never realy had sufficient pressure inside the house! Not sure why… after opening the walls and inspecting the old copper plumbing, we found a whole lot of pipes going every which way… but it didn’t seem problematic, not enough to affect the pressure, anyway.

After installing PEX, we have seen an improvement in pressure, but not as much as I had hoped. I think part of the problem may lie with the fixtures. Shower heads and old faucets become clogged with mineral deposits and crud, over time. My water here is a little hard– I know this because my coffee pots become caked with calcium deposits rather frequently.


Our PEX manifold installation.

So eventually, we should change the faucets… in the past, I have purchased the Wally World cheapos, but I don’t think I will anymore. They do not last very long. I may as well get a faucet slightly more expensive in one purchase that lasts longer, than have to buy several cheapo ones over the same course of time! I spotted a shower head called the “Fire Hydrant Presidential” online. LOL, that’s a pretty descriptive name; it looks like a fire hose faucet, too!

Old homes are sometimes plagued with water pressure problems. I think the best thing to do before ripping out the old plumbing or calling in the expensive service guys is to instead soak all your faucets/fixtures in vinegar, or get new ones. That just may solve the problem. šŸ˜€

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