Backsplash Dilemmas

August 23, 2010

interior work

WE GOT THE FIRST SECTION OF CABINETS INSTALLED!!!! Woohoooo!!! This is a monumental day. šŸ™‚ Thanks to some VERY cool dudes who are swift with measuring tapes and miter saws, my kitchen is– for the first time in a decade— looking like a KITCHEN! I’ll have photos and more gory details later.

I am currently in the “dilemma” mode. After all the meticulous planning for this project over the years, we have found that some things need tweaking. For example, the backsplash. I always planned for a laminate countertop, but at the last moment, we discovered that a stock laminate is not available for the length required (most stock counters come in 10′ max, ours is 11.5′). So I got maple butcher block at a phenomenal price, GREAT! But now that creates a new dilemma– the backsplash. I’m trying to stick with all wood in the kitchen, but suddenly I find myself thinking about tiles for the backsplash. I have always avoided tile because a.) my house is more crooked than a Washington politician, and still shifting, and b.) I don’t have a tile saw, nor do I want to use one. However, I find the small tiles and medium-sized subway tiles very attractive (very glossy and so “retro” looking), that I am reconsidering. I need a backsplash, definitely. I make a lot of Italian meals with sauce and cheese and pasta, and I tend to toss everything around in a very Italian-like manner. My old backsplash was riddled with the results of my Latin exploits. I need a hefty backsplash.

Another alternative is wainscoting, but I shudder to think of having to install ANOTHER thing in the house. I already have a huge laundry list of small jobs to do. Adding another is loathsome.

Another option is self-stick vinyl flooring tiles. Heck, the stuff is so easy to install… and the quality of the tiles has REALLY improved since my mother’s cheesy imitation parquet flooring. What do you think? I’m not afraid to be unconventional. This WHOLE HOUSE is unconventional. I’m using sawn-in-half table legs as corbels for trim and wallpaper for ceilings; I may as well get quirky with the backsplash, eh?

I don’t know what to do just yet. ANOTHER decision. ANOTHER thing to do. *sigh*

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4 Responses to “Backsplash Dilemmas”

  1. The Other Alice Says:

    Lol. “More crooked than a Washington politician.” Luvit!!

    Just remember… “Simplify.” šŸ˜‰

  2. Renee Says:

    We have to WAIT for pictures??!!! But I’ve been hearing about how fabulous it looks! We actually have a backsplash with tiles above that… I agree with Alice, Simplify! You can always add frills later! šŸ™‚

  3. Claire Says:

    There are lots of new things on the market for backsplashes like coloured glass and pictures printed onto laminate, we have subway tiles in our bathroom so i’m a little bit bias towards that!(cleaning the grout is no fun though and I think if something like tomato sauce gets on the grout it will stain)

  4. Secondary Roads Says:

    We went with tile backsplash (counter top to cabinets) in our last remodel project. We were pleased with the results.