Rethinking My Air Conditioner Ban

July 8, 2010

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As a kid, air conditioning was an extravagant luxury, meant for stores like Macy’s and really rich people. Back then, when it was 90, 100 degrees during the summer, we sweated it out. Yes, yes! I am now old enough to tell stories of how we “roughed it” when WE were youngsters!! I’ll spare you the stories of how we had to walk UPHILL 20 miles to school– BOTH ways!!

Anyway, I’ve lived without air conditioning all these years, and have survived! But now that I am updating the electric at the house, and now that I have a billion computers and electronics running in my home office every day, and now that it’s been in the mid-90s ALL WEEK and I am at the end of my tolerance level, lol…. oh, and now that Al Gore says global warming is practically HERE and will kill us all if we don’t DO SOMETHING– I am thinking of getting a small unit for the office. šŸ˜€ How cool is that? LOLOL

Problem is, all my local Big Box stores are sold out. Can you believe it?!?! They can’t keep these things in stock?! Hello, it’s summer! lol.. anyway… I am glad I am not at the mercy of the guy who orders the inventory at the local Big Box stores. Because I have!!! has stuff in stock! They have some really great prices, too, on name-brand air conditioners!

This is the Frigidaire FRA082AT7 Window Air Conditioner, providing 8,000 BTUs (enough to cool a 350 square foot room). I think it’s great! It plugs in to any three-prong outlet (although I recommend a dedicate circuit for something like this). It also has an anti-bacteria filter that helps prevent air-borne bacteria and odors. Nice! It’s $200 with shipping. And it’s IN STOCK. It fits in the window… which means I would have to fix my 100-year old window to get the thing open, yeah…. fun… it’s something I *have* to do, anyway.

I love They have everything, and lots of stuff is usually free shipping (and it’s very fast shipping, too). Plus, their prices are great. They are always having some sale or another– the electronics prices are incredible.

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3 Responses to “Rethinking My Air Conditioner Ban”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    Six years ago, Sylvia and I were enjoying a late lunch in the sweltering heat. The windows were open and we had a fan running at top speed. That’s when the furnace kicked on! It took a moment to realize it was the heat sensor in the plenum that said the burner must be lit, and so the blower started. Before the summer was over we had a new furnace and central air. Well worth it!

  2. Renee Says:

    Huh, my dad must have traveled the same path you did to school… he traveled that same path where it was uphill both ways… hmmm.

    We’re thinking about an air conditioner, too. I think it reached 100 degrees today! I burned my feet walking out onto the deck!

  3. Penny Raine Says:

    is it just from getting older? I am feeling really wimpy about the heat this year too. I can usually get by fine but lately I have been wanting to run an errand just to get in the car and turn the A/C on! eeeks!
    must be just the hot weather sneaking up on us early this year

    blessings, Penny