When There’s Nothing Left to Control

June 11, 2010

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Since we’re renovating, I’m paying much more attention to news and government actions about home ownership and renovating.

And it’s getting scary out there.

There are a slew of new proposals and laws, none of them good. Actually, they are all very strange and control-freaky. I guess this is what happens when government already controls our cars, our driving, our banking, our health care, our energy use, etc etc. They want to control what we eat and how we live. Things are going tooooo far. Look at some of these news stories.

New Lead Paint Law Effective April 22, 2010, homeconstructionimprovement.com/new-lead-paint-law-effective-april-22-2010;
Congress has deemed that any renovation work done by contractors on houses built before 1978 are to be done by a certified contractor. This does not apply to Do-It-Yourselfers. But not everyone is a DIY’er, and this law could jack up the renovation budget into the tens of thousands. I once applied for a Rural Development Loan for $7000, and they told me that before I could get that loan, I had to have certified groups come in the home and test for lead and asbestos, and have it removed. The cost: over $30,000. I would pay for it. And that was JUST for a $7,000 loan to fix my chimney!!!! (P.S. Just because a home was built before 1978 does not mean it has lead paint/asbestos. But you can bet your bottom dollar that this won’t matter to the form-and-fee-claimers).

Is Your Home Improvement Project Legal? wktv.com/news/local/96111704.html;
In the city of Utica, NY, a small city in Central NY near to where I live, it is illegal for any homeowner to do ANY repairs on their home themselves. They must hire a professional, certified contractor. You can’t even change a toilet. So instead of repealing the law, the Utica city government came up with an additional, “try and fix it” law (no surprises there): get every homeowner to pay for a special repair course and get a temporary license. Now, I wish there was actually a program like this for homeowners who WANT something like this– but to force all homeowners to take this course and get a certificate so they can add an electrical outlet or replace their toilet is insane. One commenter on the news story made a great point:

By the time all is said and done you won’t even be able to live in your own home without have a special license. This is getting ridiculous and all it’s about is making more money for the government. Now you can’t even fix up your own home.

New Wood Boiler Regulations by Department of Environmental Conservation, wktv.com/news/local/96111479.html;
The government wants to force everyone to upgrade their wood-fueled boiler heaters to new and approved heaters. The DEC says that this will cause less pollution. What the?! If they were so concerned about pollution, they’d look for bigger fish to fry than to hunt down poor, rural farmers who burn wood as their only source of heat! These folks cannot afford shiny new $20,000 boilers. Give me a break.

And there are a handful more such new laws and proposals, but I don’t remember them all. And to top it all off, the property taxes are SKY HIGH in New York and New England. I pay almost $30 per $1,000 assessed valuation on my home, and my rickety old home is assessed at 100%.

They are making it nearly impossible to live peacably and in liberty in one’s own home. They want to regulate EVERYTHING when it comes down to it. NY even has some silly ideas about banning certain fats, taxing sodas, and banning salt! It’s getting crazy out there…..

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3 Responses to “When There’s Nothing Left to Control”

  1. Todd - Home Construction & Improvement Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link to my site about lead paint. The new lead paint law is over the top and an example of how crazy things have become in the construction industry. Thanks!

  2. Marg Says:

    All those rules sound ridiculous. I didn’t have any idea there were that many don’ts. I hope you can around all of them.