Patchwork and More Framing

June 7, 2010

electrical, framing

One of the most beautiful sights in the world:

Its Level

Sunday was another big work day. We finished the rough framing for my 48-inch by 60-inch window, WOOOOO!!! Next week, we’ll remove the siding and install the window. I’m really looking forward to that.

Rough Framing Window

I’d ripped out must of the old wood from this opening. It was all just nailed chunks of bits and pieces, and was in my way. I do try to reuse the old wood, but in many cases it is either so brittle or rock-hard, because it’s *only* 155 years old, ya know. All I could use for the window was one 6 x 6 beam, in the center. This has got to be one of the best-supported window frames EVAH. We joked that if a tornado ever hit the area, this framing would still be standing. It’s immovable. AND it’s level, AND the rough opening is EXACTLY 48-inches by 60-inches, just as the window manufacturer instructions state. I went the extra mile to constantly check things again and again.

Window Rough Framing

In the evening, after cleanup, we allow Livvy to come down and inspect the work.

The Hubs moved the sink away from the wall under the window, and reconnected plumbing. It was his first experience with PEX, and it went pretty well. He needed me to hold the clamps down over the PEX tubing, however, because the PEX crimper requires two hands to use. Someday those PEX guys MUST make a tool that requires just one hand. I hope I don’t have to follow Hubs all around while he makes PEX connections… :S

LIvvy Inspection

She likes her new “door” to the living room.

Vent opening w Livvy

The electric is going well, too. We FINALLY have lights and electricity in the basement, complete with a switch!

Light Switch

One of the biggest conundrums is trying to remember what all this old and newer wiring goes to…. I know I put it in there for a reason, three years ago… ugh! Most of my week will be spent unraveling the mystery of the wiring. When I finished the living room in 2007, I added some wiring for the other rooms, before I closed up the walls to the living room. Problem is, I now don’t remember where the wires run. I’d written it all down at the time, but we cannot find the notebook. 🙁 Ugh ugh ugh. That’s one of the foibles of piecework and patchwork in an old home.

Crazy Wiring

This week I have to finish building out the walls in the dining room to accommodate for the electrical wires (the code requires certain clearance from the wall). And I hope to get some outlets working in the upstairs bedrooms.


3 Responses to “Patchwork and More Framing”

  1. Janiss Says:

    There is so much cool stuff here I don’t know where to get started! For one thing, your wiring is beautiful. For another thing, I bet Livvy will approve of the bigger window in the kitchen. For another thing, you are being so precise with all of it! And I love the sign on the door. 😉

  2. Secondary Roads Says:

    That’s looking great Rebecca! You folks are doing a super job on your house. It’s good to see that Livvy gets to inspect at the appropriate time.

  3. Marg Says:

    Oh this is exciting, we got to see Livvy and Livvy got to look around. Wonder if she approved. Love the sign on the door. That also is very exciting that you almost have the wiring done to the upstairs. You guys are moving right along. Ok, time to check the garden. You don’t have anything else to do.LOL
    Have a great day