A Good Toolbox Is Hard to Find

June 24, 2010


Sheesh! Remember how– seems like eons ago– you could just walk into a store and find a sturdy, tough, and affordable tool box? I was perusing the aisles at my local Big Box store. :-p yuk. Who on earth wants a plastic toolbox? Or a nylon bag toolbox?! I am pretty tough with my stuff. When I am pounding, sawing, banging, demolishing, etc., the LAST thing I want to do is fuss about my delicate toolbox falling over and its contents spilling out. Or throwing my crowbar into it and worrying about the end tearing the fabric. What ever happened to those good old, metal boxes with metal clasps and metal handles???

OK, rant over. 😀

I have an old plastic toolbox and I’m not terribly pleased with it. The closing clasp is a dud (a plastic latch that you press over a plastic bar). I looked and looked for a toolbox- a good one- but didn’t find anything suitable and durable.

Lo an behold– Buy.com has one! I wish it was in pink or purple, but I guess you can’t have everything, lol. Behold the 20-inch red metal toolbox:

See those nice sliding drawers?! They lock in place when the lid is closed. No more digging through 10 inches of tools to find your nail punch or jigsaw blades at the bottom! And it’s metal. And notice that it has a metal flap for a combination lock, to keep tool thieves from taking off with your FAVORITE measuring tape and then losing it so that when you REALLY need it for your project, you spend half the day searching for it!!!!


So the toolbox is nice. 🙂 Very handy. It’s a good price, too– about $60. That’s a good price for a toolbox that will last years and years. Those lousy nylon ones may be $30, but it’s no good when you have to buy them every year. :-p

Buy.com has tons of stuff like this: tools, organizers, household items, apparel, books, jewelry, and tons and tons of stuff. They have weekly and daily specials that go fast. You can register to get their deal emails, to keep track of what’s on sale and learn about promotions. Thanks for great stuff, Buy.com! 😀


One Response to “A Good Toolbox Is Hard to Find”

  1. clieu Says:

    Love the red metalness! So cute. Just found your blog, I’ve been thinking about whether I want to buy an old place in my neighborhood (Noe Valley, most of it was rebulit in 1908 after the big earthquake/fire in SF) but for now, I think I will just read about yours 🙂

    I have my eye on this toolbox, it can hold a bit more and the wheels make it easy to lug around: