Preparing For the Renovation

May 4, 2010


It’s crunch time.

I haven’t posted since Friday, but it hasn’t been because I’m slacking! Things are really starting to take shape. I’m assembling materials, earning money to pay for all the materials (so far, I’ve incurred NO DEBT to pay for anything!!), making my plans, assembling a work schedule, and meeting with plumbers. I’m still not firmly decided whether to do my own plumbing.. I’d rather not. PEX is easy enough, but I am doing so many other things and I’m feeling pretty stressed about the plumbing. $3000 is a big, big pill to swallow, though…. *sigh* I met with another plumber today, and will meet with another later, so I’m weighing my options here. Lots of these guys envision the Sistine Chapel of plumbing when looking around… but I don’t want decorative, superior plumbing, I just want to have drains and not smell sewer gases anymore. It’s great that these guys take great pride in their work, but I can’t pay for top-notch design. Many are willing to do things in stages (which is good), but I’m happy with Studor vents and they want to cut into studs and create a network of vent pipes. Not sure what to do here. All I want is “sufficiency.” My home is an average home in a below-average neighborhood; I don’t want to over-renovate it.

In other news, we got our new window. It’s FIVE feet by FOUR feet! That’s twice the size of the existing (crappy), broken window we have right now. OHHH let me tell you, I am SO excited at the prospect of having daylight around me while I work!


Imagine glorious daylight streaming through this baby!

It’s a side-sliding, too! Yay! My existing window is this little aluminum hole in the wall– a single-hung type. But the aluminum is so warped that I cannot open it. It takes one of the taller guys to whack the thing open a few inches. It’s a pretty dismal kitchen I have right now. I cannot WAIT to have something clean and pleasant. Who knows, I may be inspired to cook again, lol.


The old window. The curtains cover a nasty crack in the corner of the glass.

We also got two new toilets for the bathrooms, the 1.6 gallon toilets. The existing ones date back to the 60s, and they are huge. They also have almost no flush power (probably due to the plumbing drains)– with those old battleaxes, we have to hold the flush handle down to flush anything here… and watch as a gadzillion gallons (and accompanying dollars) literally go right down the drain. The water bill here is mortifying. I’m hoping that proper drains will fix most of the problems.


I got these two toilets for $50 off apiece! (I love Lowe’s!). I went to Lowe’s last week, and spotted one of their sale flyers. In it was a sale on a particular toilet– the toilet was high rated and dirt cheap (4-star flush power and $79). I looked and looked but couldn’t find the model. Finally, I asked the two Lowes dudes, and they couldn’t find it either. So they called their manager, who said to give me the next model up (upgraded) for the same $79 price!!! I flipped! So I got a 5-star flush power model for $80/each. They Lowes dudes were fun, too; we cracked jokes and talked about how fun it is to work at Lowes (and to even have a job– this IS New York State, after all). So kudos to Lowes for great service and showing me favor. I appreciate it. šŸ˜€

We also got most of the garden planted this week, too. I’ll have more on that in a future post. Things are really starting to come together. Yay! I can’t wait til this is all over in three months!

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