Planning a Digital Kitchen

May 28, 2010

Design and Decor

The best thing about tearing apart the entire kitchen is getting to rebuild it EXACTLY as you want it. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. šŸ˜€

I’m planning on wiring the entire house for ethernet, so that we don’t have to rely on wireless Internet so much. I have four teens, and I’m a computer geek, so we have a ton of devices on the Net. All that activity can slow things down a bit, especially via wireless. Plus, I like the security of wired stuff. Anyway, I’m planning on building at least one ethernet port into every room, and my eventual goal is to rig it all up to a control panel with switches and hubs. It’ll take some work (plus, getting the plumbing and electrical in is *kinda* a priority right now!). I’ll lay in the wires while the walls are open, and then I’ll hook it all up later.

I’m also planning on a multi-media center (next year I will build the room addition for that). But I do want to incorporate some media in the kitchen. We don’t have TV, I dislike TV, but I do like to have Internet capability and we definitely want music in the kitchen. So I’m looking at my options… I’ve always wanted an under-cabinet player, always. They are so efficient, s space-saving! This nice Sony Undercabinet Clock Radio and CD Player caught my eye. It doesn’t have an iPod dock, though…. but the price is really right- under $72. That’s a great price; my local Big Box retailer had something similar for $30 more. The Sony Undercabinet Player is, of course, at I’m going there more and more for our household needs, as well as our electronic gadget stuff. It is a superb store! The service is incredible, and I always get really good prices. šŸ˜€

So…. my dream list is lengthening, lol. But I absolutely MUST incorporate music into the kitchen if I want the kids to help me out with kitchen chores! They’re getting a little tried of lugging out the big CD boom box to play their dish-washing music!

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