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May 29, 2010

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I’ve been concerned with those “vampire” electronics in the house these days. Because we’re renovating, I’ve moved the family television into one of the bedooms. And every time I pass by that blasted device, I hear the “tick tick tick tick” of the power. And this is when it is OFF. Gah! I hate those “vampire’ electronics!! They nag at my frugal brain. I cannot fathom why these things would be made in the first place! They consume precious electricity even when they are not being used?! That’s terrible!

Yeah, yeah, place a power strip and turn it off when the devices are not in use, everyone says. That isn’t very practical for me, because my power strip not only holds the TV and DVD player, but also my alarm clock and lamp– things I WANT to have accessible at all times. And I don’t want to have two cluttering power strips in the same outlets and area. It’s a waste. Ugh.

I spotted a device on at Buy.com and was wowed. It’s a Tripp Lite ECO Energy Efficient UPS device. UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. This is terrific! This is from the Buy.com description:

Now you can protect your valuable electronics, save money on your utility bill and be kind to the planet! Tripp Lite’s environmentally friendly ECO550UPS standby UPS system is the ideal green solution for complete protection against blackouts, brownouts and power surges. Its 550VA/300-watt power handling capacity supports entry-level PC systems for up to 17 minutes during blackouts. With a power efficiency rating of 99%, the ECO550UPS offers energy savings plus cooler operation by limiting UPS power consumption to less than 3 watts!

The ECO550UPS provides 4 battery-supported outlets for computer, monitor and other vital system peripherals, plus 4 surge suppression-only outlets for accessories not requiring battery support. Three of the surge-only outlets are ECO outlets that can be configured to automatically power off unused computer accessories like printers or multi-media speakers when the computer is not in use. Built-in single-line RJ11 jacks protect a modem, fax machine or phone. One USB port (USB cable included) plus free PowerAlert software (available via Web download) enables unattended system shutdown without data loss in the case of extended power failure. The ECO550UPS comes with $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance coverage for connected equipment (USA/Canada only) and a 3-year product warranty.

I already have a UPS device for my main computer, but do need a few more for the other electronic stations we have here. The price is very good, about $50 and it includes shipping. I highly recommend UPS devices, especially now that thunderstorm season is upon us. Our electronics are too valuable to be fried by power outages, power surges, and power fluctuations. Plus, end the vampire suckage, lol! Definitely worth it, in my opinion.

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