What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

April 28, 2010



If she’s anything like me, she wants that honking baby hanging from her tool belt, MMMHMMMMM!

When my kids wonder about what to get me for Mother’s Day or my birthday, I’m pretty predictable. I want the POWAH!!!!! That is a Rockwell 14.4-volt cordless drill with LIFETIME battery warranty. Sweeeet. At Buy.com, of course. I also like the Skil model, but that’s sold out. Oh, and Buy.com has a kickin’ Grinder Buffing Polishing Machine for only $50!!!

But what I really need is a nice garden hose and a hot plate. Because we’re going to be without a functional kitchen until August…. *sigh* The garden hose must be potable because we’ll be getting our drinking water from it, and washing our dishes in a basin outside; and the hot plate will be our only way to make tea and cook meals, because the stove is going to be in storage for a while. Kitchen renovations are SOOOO scary. I get this funky butterfly feeling when I think about it too much….

Anyway, Buy.com makes the transition a little easier. I can use my KICKIN’ power tools (every mom’s dream right?!) and get some great deals on everything from the PEX fittings to wall paint to the pots and pans. Buy.com also has some terrific weekly sale on electronics, too. I’m holding off on getting a laptop until the kitchen is done…. lol. I can’t wait until it’s all over and I haven’t even started!

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