Planning the Kitchen

April 26, 2010


The detail requirements for everything little are sometimes overwhelming!

The kitchen plans are starting to take shape, finally. I have a general schedule, a basic materials list, and a nearly-completed list of products we will be using. Some of the big stuff I haven’t yet decided on (cabinets, ugh).

First week of May:
Demolition is slated to begin next week (*gulp*).
Get permit.
Get dumpster.

Second/Third week of May:
Build a closet for the washer and dryer at the south end of the kitchen (called the Laundry Alcove).
Install new plumbing (water supply, drain, and vent) for washing machine. Move gas line for dryer. Install dryer vent at exterior.

Fourth/Fifth week of May:
Electrify the Laundry alcove section of the kitchen.
Electrify the upstairs bedroom above Laundry alcove.

First week of June:
My helpers arrive (praise the Lord)!
Lay in rough-framing for the new window.
Install new plumbing (water supply, drain, and vent) for the upstairs bathroom.
Electrify the upstairs bathroom (YESSS! At last! After three years without electricity!).

Second week of June:
Install new window.
Install new plumbing (water supply, drain, and vent) for the upstairs bathroom and downstairs bathroom.
Electrify kitchen.
Install stove range hood and duct vent.

Third week of June:
Install new plumbing (water supply, drain, and vent) for the upstairs bathroom and downstairs bathroom. Install new fixtures.
Insulate kitchen walls with fiberglass batting.
Electrify dining room.

Fourth week of June:
Electrify dining room, downstairs bathroom, Front Entry Hall.
Electrify two upstairs bedrooms.

Fifth week of June:
Install new furnace ducting for living room, kitchen, and dining room.
Install sheetrock to kitchen walls. Spackle.
Install kitchen lighting.
Order kitchen cabinets.

First week of July:
Insulate dining room with fiberglass batting.
Spackle and sand kitchen sheetrock.

Second week of July:
Spackle and sand remaining kitchen walls.
Spackle and sand dining room walls.

Third week of July:
Paint kitchen and dining room walls and ceiling.
Install kitchen cabinets.
Install countertops.
Install kitchen sink, dishwasher, and oven.

Fourth week of July:
Install the flooring for kitchen and dining room.

First week of August:
Finish up loose ends: install backsplash behind stove, install light fixtures where needed, etc.

Second week of August:
Move back into the kitchen and dining room.
Praise God for getting us through this.

I’m still pretty scared about the whole thing. Renovation is scary business. Paying for it is half the fright, and the rest is not knowing what we’re going find behind these walls, and then there’s the installing of the new plumbing. We’ve never done plumbing before, and it’s just totally freaky to me. The Hubs has been reassuring me, saying it will be OK and we will survive, lol. He has even offered to take over the plumbing job himself, the doll. He’s done some PVC work with our sump pumps, and he has a terrific eye for detail (plus, he’s a math whiz). He seems to be at peace with it (usually he’s jittery about renovation and I’m the one who’s doing the comforting). Me, on the other hand…. I’m SCAIRT, people. Electricity is a BREEZE. Plumbing is terrifying.

So I’m basically totally replacing the entire plumbing system and the electrical system while renovating the kitchen and dining room. After this is all done, the only things left to do will be to rip out the upstairs plaster, insulate, and lay up sheetrock. The electricity will be done already. *sigh* And then the house will be, for the most part, entirely renovated.

Then, I will set my attentions to building a family room and additional bathroom into our attached garage, installing a pergola and patio, and building a deck and more gardens. And by then, we’ll have to replace the roof. I’m figuring EVERYTHING will be done by 2013, Lord willing. After that, it will be maintenance and some other things, like replacing the siding, etc.

It’s been a wild ride. I can see then end, I think. Lord, help us!

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