Fixing the Garden Fencing and Other Odd Jobs

April 24, 2010


Before we go full tilt with gutting the kitchen in a few weeks, we need to prep the garden for this year’s crops. In a few short days, we’ve made good progress!


We’ve replaced the wooden border for one of the beds. Each bed is 12 feet by 24 feet. Lumber prices are sky-high suddenly, so I decided to replace only one bed. Next year, we’ll do the other.

The beds are also tilled and ready for seeds.


When we first started the garden, it was an agonizing task to till the beds those first few years. I’ve added peat moss and compost for four years, and it’s really made a difference. The soil is light and fluffy, just beautiful.

We also fixed the fencing, replaced posts, added more rails, and have been weeding the border of weeds and out-of-control border flowers. I also pruned my grape vine and tied it to the fencing. I hope to have a great crop this year.


Gardening is extremely physical work, but I just love gardening. It so invigorating to hoe and rake, and hammer and plant seeds! I’m out of shape right now, because I’ve spent the last two years sitting on my butt in front of a computer for a job. So right now, I’m huffing and puffing. But I was always very physically fit as a young person, and I expect I’ll come bouncing back very quickly as I usually have in the past. Boy, this is fun! 😀


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