A Special Find the Kitty Video

April 23, 2010

Find the Kitty

Find the Kitty Friday

I had previously mentioned (somewhere on one of my blogs) that Livvy is getting smarter and smarter. One of the little tricks she’s learned is to open the door.

After dinnertime, when the kids are assigned chores (feeding the outside animals, emptying the compost bucket, etc), Livvy turns on her sneaky mode, and tries to sneak out the door as the kids are opening and closing it. She’s such a pest about it that the kids now place her in our front entry room, a small room with two French doors. These doors have the original 1855 thumb latches for door handles. Livvy has figured out how to press the latch and open the door. I finally got her on video. I hope you enjoy it! We sure did!

Of course, the only problem now is keeping her contained during chore time. I suppose we could place a chair in front of the door…. until she figures out how to move that, too…. she’s mighty cute– and I suspect she may use her charms to bamboozle one of us (namely, me!) to open the door as soon as she starts whining…

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