Why I Need a New Kitchen

March 22, 2010

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I’m getting nervous.

I’m in the process of making a materials list and getting a cost estimate for the new kitchen. Oh dear. It’s adding up! And adding and adding and adding! The flooring alone is going to cost me over $600… and that’s *just* for the kitchen. I was hoping to possibly renovate the dining room, too, but I am getting pretty squeamish by these numbers. The flooring and the drywall prices have me a little nervous. Thank God the dining room has all new windows (we had them installed when we moved in, because they were broken), but the kitchen needs two window replacements…

So to prevent me from crawling back into the procrastination cave, I’m reiterating to myself WHY we MUST renovate this kitchen THIS YEAR. We MUST. Our insurance policy is due for a renew this summer, and it will never get approved if they see this kitchen, never. The dining room still has no electricity, but at least the plaster isn’t falling on our heads in there.

And my darling princess, Livvy, needs a neat and clean place to perch so she can stare down at us while we cook, lol. I can’t have her breathing in all that plaster dust! But oh dear what an expensive cat perch this will be… and I haven’t even figured in for the cabinets and countertops yet…

*grit teeth, deep sigh*

I love renovating, I do…. except that paying for the blasted process is sooo painful. 🙁

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