The Evil Deer

March 29, 2010


I’ve mentioned many, many times before that we have a deer problem here. Which is really weird, because I live in the busiest part of my small town, and I’m only a few miles away from a city. These deer eat EVERYTHING. I hate them, I do. They are eating machines on springy legs. If I could hit the backside of a barn (and was allowed to in town), I’d plug these critters full of lead and have them all for dinner.

OK OK I’m exaggerating!!!

I’d eat ONE of them for dinner. And give the rest away. Gah! These deer make me mad.

I was upstairs a few days ago, at dusk, and looked out the window. What did I see? These mangy varmints!


I counted TEN of them! The photos are poor, sorry. But can you see their evil, glittering eyes? They have intentions of eating everything I plant, they do! Then they leave their dainty little droppings alllll over my yard– the NERVE! First they chew up all my precious vegetation, then insult me by using my yard as their Toto toilet.



Unbelievable. I’m beyond upset. What the heck do I do?!

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