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How Many Dogs Does It Take to Change the Light Bulb?

March 16, 2010

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OMG this is so cute! I saw this post at Ask Fisher at; How Many Dogs Does It Take to Change the Light Bulb?

I’ll give you a sneak peek, but Ask Fisher has photos and the rest of the story. I got a big kick out of it!

1. Golden Retriever: The sun is shining, the day is young, we’ve got our whole lives ahead of us, and you’re inside worrying about a stupid burned out bulb?

2. Border Collie: Just one. And then I’ll replace any wiring that’s not up to code.

3. Dachshund: You know I can’t reach that stupid lamp!

4. Rottweiler: Make me.

LOL! See the blog for the rest. REAL cute one!

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Pretty Porch Swing

March 16, 2010

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I’ve always wanted a porch swing. I was hoping to get something last year, but big bills reared their ugly heads, and then winter was here. And this year, all my attention and money is going into the new kitchen… but come autumn, I’d just love to finally relax after all that hard work and get a swing. I spotted this at; isn’t it exquisite?! It’s wrought iron, and you secure it to the ceiling joists of the porch. I like this much better than the kinds that have those canvas canopies.

Of course, I need to finish my front porch. :-p It was almost finished a few years ago, but the roof leaks in the winter (ice dams) and I cannot close up the ceiling until I fix those leaks. And the rails and columns need to be painted and adjusted. We get so much water underground (and above ground) that the porch has sunk into the ground. I love my front porch, but it’s HUGE (10 x 20′) and empty. I want to make it more welcoming. I think a beautiful porch swing will do the trick, don’t you?

House Front 2

I don’t know what else to add to the garden surrounding… maybe a bench. too? I’d like to add a bird feeder, but don’t know if the birds would come to the house that closely. I have my Secret Garden on the side of the porch– oh that will be so lovely when it’s all grown in!

Secret Garden Blooming

We work at this a little bit every year, adding more flowers and shrubs and more of the concrete walkway. It’s a very beloved garden to me. 🙂 Eventually, the Rose of Sharon and Lilac bushes will grow up on both sides of the arbor, and make a virtual green, flowery wall. Oh! I can’t wait. I think I may add a Victorian glass globe or a bird bath and feeder in here. It will look SOOOOO beautiful! has all that stuff, too. Very good prices. I love this one, and there’s another bronze bird bath just like it. You’d think this would be close to $100, but it’s only $31!


Oh, dreams dreams. I love gardens! They are so inexpensive to make! And the reward is so satisfying. After I finally get this kitchen done, I cannot WAIT to begin the gardening again!

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Siamese Cats are Contagious

March 15, 2010


Who could say “no” to that adorable, pookie face?!

Livvy and Daddy2

My bloggy pal, Carole, got a Siamese kitty!!! Yay Carole! I know you will love her to bits. Her name is Angel and she’s a gorgeous beauty:


She’s a Lilac Point Siamese. Pretty! Livvy is a Lynx Point, also known as Tabby Point Siamese. Livvy used to be very white, but she’s darkened up quite a bit.This is from last year.

Livvy and Stuffy Kitty

Olivia Half Siamese

This photo was taken last week. Her stripes are deepening, and her back is a lot darker.


I hope you post lots of stories about your new darling, Carole!

P.S. Siamese seem to like to cuddle under the neck in the winter time. 😉


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A Nifty Santizing Gadget

March 15, 2010

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I was browsing power tools at (gearing up for the big renovation projects this year), and found this quirky little gadget. It’s a what?!

The Verilux Sanitizing Pocket Wand goes where you do to disinfect and sanitize with UV-C light. This handy UV-C sanitizer folds into itself to become its own carry case- so even on the move, you can protect yourself from harmful germs that are the cause of colds, infections, asthma and allergic reactions. The Pocket Wand is the most convenient way to deliver powerful UV-C disinfecting and sanitizing when you need it most- traveling! Verilux UVC Sanitizing Pocket Wand with CleanWave Technology!

I think that means that it uses UV rays to kill germs.


It’s a pretty penny– almost $75 right now– but prices are always flexible at because they are always having some sale every day, every week. This would make a very cool gift for the traveler (or school teacher or day care worker). I’m interested in the technology behind it, too. Is this why hanging clothes out on the clothesline in the sun helps to kill germs? I always assumed it was the sunshine that killed the germs, never thinking what “exact” rays they were composed of that did all the disinfecting. ?? This is a really neat gadget! I think it would be cool to have a petri dish with some germs in it, then wave the Pocket Wand over it, and then look through a microscope to see if the germs were really killed. I’d be tempted to get it, just to find out and watch it happen.

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The Snow is Gone The Snow is Gone!

March 15, 2010

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Almost all of it. 🙂


If the photo above looks horribly gray and gloomy… that’s because Upstate New York has been horribly gray and gloomy! We were blessed with sunshine about a week ago, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it (was sick). But spring IS on the way, I know it is. Carole blogged about her irises peeping up… I don’t have any iris coming up, but look! Snowdrops!


My gardens all bloom a good two to three weeks after everyone else’s, even my own neighbors’. I cannot figure out why. When all the neighborhood day lilies are ablaze, mine are still just buds. It’s WEIRD. I must be in the middle of some watery micro-climate here.

Here’s my forlorn-looking flower bed.


Oh it looks really bad right now, but in a few months it will look like this:

Round Bed2

And then this:

Smelling Flowers


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Memory Foam Mattresses at!

March 15, 2010

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Wow! I cannot believe this– now sells memory foam mattresses! I bought my memory foam mattress about a year ago now. We love it, but I bought it from a local furniture store and it cost us an arm and a leg (and then some). It’s been great for my back (herniated disks) and I haven’t had a relapse on my back since we got the mattress, hallelujah! I’ve been thinking about getting some of these mattresses for my kids, because they are so healthful. But the local stores sell them for outrageous prices. Spending that amount for FOUR children is… well, I could get a few new cars, instead! :-p

I was perusing, and look what I found! They now sell memory foam mattresses. These guys are totally amazing. The Memory Rest “Cool Temp” 10-inch Twin Size mattress is selling for $244 and comes with FREE shipping. Wow, I don’t think that can be beat anywhere.

You’d have to build or buy your own foundation. Memory foam mattresses cannot be placed on the typical coil box spring– it must be a firm, solid foundation, or the foam mattress will sag. We bought our mattress and foundation new, and have had nothing but problems with the foundation. We have to replace it every six months or so, it’s SUCH a poor design. We have a 10 year warranty on it, so every six months, that’s where it goes… it’s costing the manufacturer money to constantly send us new foundations, but they should FIX the problem. Then, we’d all be happy. But after the warranty runs out, we’re building our own foundation, and the same thing goes for the kids’ beds. My stepdad once built us kids solid wood bunk beds (with a cheapo rubber foam mattress) and those beds were rock solid. I’m going to do the same for my kids, and it’s not hard to make, either.

Anyway, if you’ve been waiting for a great deal on memory foam mattresses, here it is, right in your face! The prices are great!

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Find the Kitty Friday 3/11

March 11, 2010


Well, she’s so big now, not terribly inconspicuous…

FTK 3.12

… if ONLY she could help fold the stuff… *sigh*

I did finally take her out yesterday, the little rascal. She was a monster– driving us nuts with her caterwauling and moping around the house. So she got some fresh air, and managed to avoid all the poop piles left by the neighbor dogs (all the snow is melting and we are realizing how much that stupid dog defecates in our yard. When she finally got in the house, SHE was the pooped one and promptly fell asleep. Hurrah! I did get some work done.

In other news, I got quite the surprise yesterday: Sparkle the Designer Cat gave us an award! The Superior Scribbler Award!


I am totally stunned. Stunned that such a glamorous kitty like Sparkle would READ– let alone award– my blog; and secondly because this blog does seem to be more about my kitties than about home renovating, these days! The obvious response to that is, well, we haven’t been renovating! During the winter, we huddle in the house, working on school work and me writing for my online jobs. Come spring and summer, we will be pretty busy, though. But Livvy will still be a main character. 😉

Well, despite the fact that I don’t “do” award blog posts, I’ll do this one. Cuz Sparkle is special. And she has really, really sharp claws. 😉

Thanks for the award, Sparkle. I hope everyone likes their award. I liked giving it.

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The Peevish Disputant

March 9, 2010



Look at that face! We call her The Peevish Disputant when she’s in a funk like this.


No, she’s not unhappy with her teddy. Nor is she disgruntled about her Friskies flavor or upset that we haven’t plumped the Princess’ pillows today…


She wants to go O-U-T.

She Wants out

The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and WORST of ALL, the OTHER cats get to go O-U-T! (If I dare say the word, she jumps out of her funk and races to the back door– she obviously knows the word!).

I don’t want to take her out right now. I’ve had the flu, and my work is piled to the ceiling. But we did get a good, hearty laugh over that look– that PEEVISH look of hers. Sheesh.

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Find the Kitty Friday 3/5

March 5, 2010


Where could she be?! 😉

FTK 3.5

Notice the SUNSHINE that broke out for that day! All of us rushed to the windows when it burst from the gloomy gray clouds. We’ve got to grab the rays while we can around here. I once heard a weather dude say that the Mohawk Valley here in New York State is overcast for 2/3 of the year, on average. :-p

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Me vs. Crabgrass

March 5, 2010


“Crabgrass can grow on bowling balls in airless rooms, and there is no known way to kill it that does not involve nuclear weapons.” Dave Barry

I used to have such a beautiful front lawn. Before I bought the house, I would walk by it and admire the front lawn– it was lush and so beautiful! I even sat down in the shade of the trees when passing by (the house was vacant at the time). We have the best front yard on the entire street.

But then, the floods hit, a few years in a row. We are at the bottom of a small incline, so our yard got the brunt of the flooding. When the waters ebbed, our front yard was filled, several times, with trash, soot, and about 1/2″ of silt from the road. It basically killed my front yard. Now, the yard is FILLED with evil, evil crabgrass. I’ve managed to ignore it, because so many other parts of the yard needed attention. But I think this year, the crabgrass may go too far.

I HATE CRABGRASS!!! Did you realize that crabgrass is NOT native to North America? Nope! The idiots in government had it brought over from Africa in 1849, to feed draft animals. GRRRRRR. And we want these idjits to run health care? Thank you, NO.

So…. I don’t know what to do. For years, I’ve considered buying chemicals to expunge the crapgrass, er, I mean crabgrass, from my lawn. I don’t like chemicals. But it’s either Scott’s Step 1 Crabgrass Killer treatment, or I ask Los Alamos to detonate my yard… because all this weeding and lawn mowing isn’t doing anything

The only silver lining to this cloud is that has good prices on garden materials and supplies, so it won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Plus, I like to give business. They are cool- they have funny commercials with Howie. 😀 And they have always given me the best service, and they have spectacular sales all the time.

So… I’d better read the crabgrass its last rites, because it’s days are numbered. Of course, I still have two feet of snow on top of it, but all in good time…

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