The Furminator and Other Strange Things

February 9, 2010


OK, I’m curious. I’ve been hearing about some gadget called The Furminator amongst you pet owners… enough to make me curious but not enough to make me buy one… until today, that is.

You see, we vacuumed today. And WHOA. How can one little kitty produce SO MUCH fur?! The filter was filled with it.

I guess it’s a sign that our baby is growing up. 🙁

So I’m looking for this Furminator thing. I have one question– does this gadget REALLY do what it says it does?? Because I saw this photo and I was floored.


Did you read the print? “Actual hair removed in a single Furminator treatment.”

Wowsa! You could build a couple of cats outta that fluff! The Furminator thing is on sale at (plus they have some very cute pet toys that I want to get for Livvy), but I’m wondering if any of you have tried the Furminator. $30 is a big bite to chew if this gadget isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you have any experience with the Furminator. I’d love to know. Livy has white fur, and we have dark carpeting… so… you know… we kinda need to hold back the tide of white fluff invading the house….

In case you’re wondering, does have pet supplies. They actually have everything supplies: home improvement, kitchen appliances, cookware, vacuum cleaner parts, appareal, books, gardening supplies, and loads more. I love their weekly electronics sale– I think it’s where really shines best– but they do have a lot more than electronics. The prices are good and I have found a lot of great deals. And I can finally shop for pet supplies without having to move my cart or ask someone else to move their cart in the grocery aisle!

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