Find the Kitty 2/19

February 18, 2010

Find the Kitty

Did I already use this one recently? Can’t remember. I’m having problems remembering things these days, because life is such a blur. It has been crazy busy, and I hit the ground running every day! We’re going to be taking a short break soon, thank God, so I hope that rejuvenates me. 😀

OK, can you find the kitty? LOL.

In the Desk Cubby

Yes, it’s an older photo. She just looks so adorable. We have this great big desk with lots of cubbies, and she had great fun climbing into the cubbies and rummaging around in the mess of papers. Sometimes she would snooze in there. Now, of course, sh’es too big to fit… not that she has stopped trying, mind you. 😐 She’s getting to be HUGE. At the rate she eats and grows, who knows, she’ll need some quick weight loss diet kitty chow or something. She is a big cat, really long like the Siamese, and “big boned.” She’s not fat– she’s still very slender– but she’s a big size. A plus-size cat, great. :S

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