A Fun Run for the Princess

February 15, 2010


Have you noticed that the last THREE posts have been about my cat?! I may as well just give the blog over to her… :-p

Winter in February is really, really boring. And Livvy always manages to keep thing so, uh, interesting around here. Actually, she’s been a snot lately, driving us all up the walls. She won’t eat her regular food– the little princess wants Temptations. She’s bored with all her toys, even the new ones– the little princess wants to play with the other cats outside… *sigh*

Well, Livvy is not a feral cat; she’s a Tabby Point Siamese and she’s staying indoors. Plus, we live in town on the most well-traveled road, and I’ve seen quite a few cats get their demise out there… she’s staying inside!

I’m wondering how she will fare when we start our kitchen renovation. She’s terribly curious– always likes to be in the thick of things– so I have to take account of what she will be doing while we rip apart half our house. I am a little concerned about keeping her contained in the house; she’s always trying to sneak out these days.

I think I’ll get her a playpen!! Seriously! It’s called a Fun Run and it looks so adorable. I think my pal Jean has something like this for her cats; don’t you, Jean?


It’s the latest cute thing to come down the pike at Buy.com. They always have great innovative products coupled with amazing weekly deals and sales, I just love them. I’ve been browsing their pet supplies department, finding lots of cute toys and good prices on food and litter. Buy.com is known for their great electronics sales, but they also sell just about everything under the sun, too.

The Fun Run looks perfect. It can come in lengths of 62 feet! I think that would give Livvy plenty of space to explore, run around, and get exhausted. I hope. Lately, she has this really annoying habit of waking us up at 4am…. *sigh* spring just can’t come too soon! I’ll be sure to get plenty of photos when we lock her in it, heh heh!

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