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Find the Kitty Friday 2/26

February 26, 2010


Well, this was OUR turn to play Find the Kitty. She had somehow managed to scamper up to the top of the cabinets again (that’s about 9 feet up). She was on top of shaky platters, the roaster, and bags and boxes that I have precariously stacked. :S When we heard her jump into the basket that was unsteadily placed on top of an old box, my heart sank. It’s a loooong way down on a cold, hard tile floor.


She’s down now, safe and sound. Many thanks to her rescuer. 😀

And yes, that IS falling plaster, water leaks, and disgustingly ugly 1940s pink and blue paint. The paneling is from the 70s, and the green paint is from the 90s. Yes, we REALLY do need a new kitchen! Lord willing, it’ll be this year when the weather starts to warm up again.

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I Guess It’s Our Turn

February 24, 2010



I was shocked to hear of a huge storm coming tomorrow. I guess I have been too busy to listen to the news and weather much. WHOA! It’s been a while. Now THIS is a storm– we’re expected to get clobbered with a foot or two of snow. It may disrupt things for half a day, lol. We live in Upstate New York, so snow is something we kind of expect for half the year, give or take a month. No need to frantically shop for groceries or life insurance rate– we’ll be OK.

Still… it’s February. I was so hoping for an early spring. It may come just yet… but we’re never sitting easy until late April. And I think it was last year that we got snow in May. :S

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Find the Kitty 2/19

February 18, 2010


Did I already use this one recently? Can’t remember. I’m having problems remembering things these days, because life is such a blur. It has been crazy busy, and I hit the ground running every day! We’re going to be taking a short break soon, thank God, so I hope that rejuvenates me. 😀

OK, can you find the kitty? LOL.

In the Desk Cubby

Yes, it’s an older photo. She just looks so adorable. We have this great big desk with lots of cubbies, and she had great fun climbing into the cubbies and rummaging around in the mess of papers. Sometimes she would snooze in there. Now, of course, sh’es too big to fit… not that she has stopped trying, mind you. 😐 She’s getting to be HUGE. At the rate she eats and grows, who knows, she’ll need some quick weight loss diet kitty chow or something. She is a big cat, really long like the Siamese, and “big boned.” She’s not fat– she’s still very slender– but she’s a big size. A plus-size cat, great. :S

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So How’s That Kitchen Planning Coming Along, Eh?

February 18, 2010

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Kitchen planning? What kitchen planning?

I thought so!

Ugh. I haven’t even mapped out the room onto graph paper or made an electrical schematic yet. 🙁 I’m working full-time right now, and also trying to keep up my blogging ventures. Wow.

I do see the entire room, all in my mind’s eye! I have one small problem that needs to be worked out, though: there’s a tiny wall that juts out into the kitchen (the washer and dryer are in there), and I think it may be a load-bearing wall. :S It’s only a 5 foot-long section, so I am not 100% sure. The problem with renovating old homes is that you NEVER know what you’re going to discover until you start ripping things apart. *sigh*


Yes, the previous owners cobbed that all together. Ummm I don’t know why, either. Maybe they OD’ed on diet pills or something, does that alter the logical functioning of the brain at all?

Well, it’s just a 5-foot section of wall and it doesn’t continue anywhere else along that section of the home, so I’m not sure if it’s a load-bearing section. It DOES run perpendicular to the floor joists, and all the home experts say that walls that run perpendicular to the joists are load-bearing walls. Because I am not sure WHAT purpose the wall serves, I am loathe to remove it, just in case.

The problem is– it’s right in the center of my new kitchen. I would look awful to have a post in the middle of the room…. I want to open this room up and ditch this ugly wall… I’m kind of baffled and it’s prevented me from progressing with the design of the floorplan. 🙁

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Remuddler Reminders

February 17, 2010


I love to look at remuddling projects. I like to see how insane ingenious and inventive people can be. Plus, it gives me great satisfaction that my rickety old 1855 house isn’t half as bad. Even though we have no electricity for half the house and leaky plumbing and pockmarks and holes in the plaster deserving of some serious best acne treatment or something….

This is strangely like my wiring…

Epic Kludge Photo - And That Ferrari
see more There I Fixed It

I’m speechless.

Medical Or Mechanical Student?
see more There I Fixed It

Again. WOW, lol.

see more There I Fixed It


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Cabin Fever Big Time

February 16, 2010



Pardon me as I recollect…

Oriental Lilies

Can’t you just smell them?

Nikko Blue Hydrangea

I wonder how my new bed in my Secret Garden will turn out this year. I’m so desperate I don’t even care about how ugly that sump pump pipe looks.

New Garden Bed

New Garden Bed 3

Ah, to see green again….

Round Bed2

It’s been so gloomy this winter. I haven’t had cabin fever like this in a long time. The skies are always overcast, always gray, we are pale and in desperate need of something to remove dark circles under eyes. How about Mr. Sun again? Hello? Still there?

How are you doing? have you got cabin fever, too? Only TWO more months!!!!

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A Fun Run for the Princess

February 15, 2010

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Have you noticed that the last THREE posts have been about my cat?! I may as well just give the blog over to her… :-p

Winter in February is really, really boring. And Livvy always manages to keep thing so, uh, interesting around here. Actually, she’s been a snot lately, driving us all up the walls. She won’t eat her regular food– the little princess wants Temptations. She’s bored with all her toys, even the new ones– the little princess wants to play with the other cats outside… *sigh*

Well, Livvy is not a feral cat; she’s a Tabby Point Siamese and she’s staying indoors. Plus, we live in town on the most well-traveled road, and I’ve seen quite a few cats get their demise out there… she’s staying inside!

I’m wondering how she will fare when we start our kitchen renovation. She’s terribly curious– always likes to be in the thick of things– so I have to take account of what she will be doing while we rip apart half our house. I am a little concerned about keeping her contained in the house; she’s always trying to sneak out these days.

I think I’ll get her a playpen!! Seriously! It’s called a Fun Run and it looks so adorable. I think my pal Jean has something like this for her cats; don’t you, Jean?


It’s the latest cute thing to come down the pike at They always have great innovative products coupled with amazing weekly deals and sales, I just love them. I’ve been browsing their pet supplies department, finding lots of cute toys and good prices on food and litter. is known for their great electronics sales, but they also sell just about everything under the sun, too.

The Fun Run looks perfect. It can come in lengths of 62 feet! I think that would give Livvy plenty of space to explore, run around, and get exhausted. I hope. Lately, she has this really annoying habit of waking us up at 4am…. *sigh* spring just can’t come too soon! I’ll be sure to get plenty of photos when we lock her in it, heh heh!

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Find the Kitty 2/12

February 12, 2010


She’s getting SO savvy with her picture-taking. If she is in a hiding place, and I open the drawer to get the camera, she immediately comes out of her hiding place. Little stinker!

But this time, I GOT her! haha!


February is almost half over, yay! I am almost desperate to get back outside, to see green again, to smell the warm earth and see the songbirds again… it won’t be long!

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The Furminator and Other Strange Things

February 9, 2010


OK, I’m curious. I’ve been hearing about some gadget called The Furminator amongst you pet owners… enough to make me curious but not enough to make me buy one… until today, that is.

You see, we vacuumed today. And WHOA. How can one little kitty produce SO MUCH fur?! The filter was filled with it.

I guess it’s a sign that our baby is growing up. 🙁

So I’m looking for this Furminator thing. I have one question– does this gadget REALLY do what it says it does?? Because I saw this photo and I was floored.


Did you read the print? “Actual hair removed in a single Furminator treatment.”

Wowsa! You could build a couple of cats outta that fluff! The Furminator thing is on sale at (plus they have some very cute pet toys that I want to get for Livvy), but I’m wondering if any of you have tried the Furminator. $30 is a big bite to chew if this gadget isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you have any experience with the Furminator. I’d love to know. Livy has white fur, and we have dark carpeting… so… you know… we kinda need to hold back the tide of white fluff invading the house….

In case you’re wondering, does have pet supplies. They actually have everything supplies: home improvement, kitchen appliances, cookware, vacuum cleaner parts, appareal, books, gardening supplies, and loads more. I love their weekly electronics sale– I think it’s where really shines best– but they do have a lot more than electronics. The prices are good and I have found a lot of great deals. And I can finally shop for pet supplies without having to move my cart or ask someone else to move their cart in the grocery aisle!

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Find the Kitty Friday 2/05

February 5, 2010


Livvy has been bored as a chestnut lately. I’m too busy to take her outside, and it seems the only thing she likes to do is watch the birds at the feeder (when they come near). Thank you for your cat-blogging advice on some toys for Livvy! Great advice, people! I LOVE Marg’s idea of taping empty toilet rolls into a pyramid and placing treats inside… but I haven’t enough toilet rolls yet. However, we have six people in the house and I’m sure we’ll get to that soon… Duni suggested a leather string because cats love leather… I will try that when I can get some leather. I’m sure Livvy would love that, she does like strings.

Lin and Sparkle suggested a big box with holes. Seeing that we ALWAYS have boxes scattered around here (I save them, you just never know when you’re going to need one!), that’s what we tried this week.

She loved it!!

for about three hours…

now, she’s back to staring at the birds. Here’s hoping we never run out of birds!

Anyway, I snapped a photo of her, hiding in the box. Can you find the kitty? Can you see her laser eye?


Thanks for playing. 😀 Here’s hoping we can keep her occupied before she drives us all nuts, lol.

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