The Mother of All Surge Protectors

January 21, 2010

smart fixes

Wow. Surge protectors are getting pretty spiffy these days. I saw this monster on sale at It’s called the Monster Cable MP HTS850 Home Theater PowerCenter!

I have a few big surge protectors– but not enough and definitely not one as beefy as this baby. It’s a very smart thing to buy surge protectors for your electronics. That $2,000 HDTV or $1000 computer and monitor can fry in a second’s notice should your electrical system experience a power surge. We’ve had some pretty close calls here. The power system is sometimes unstable (and it doesn’t help that people slam into the telephone poles). We’ve had a few surges and all I can say is THANK GOD we had surge protectors.

This particular monster is specially designed for the home entertainment system. I think it’s very nice– it’s cool that surge protectors are now coming with special organization; I hate cord clutter! This has colored tabs for the VCR, DVD, TV, etc. No more guessing what cord belongs to what appliance, either! Nice. It’s on sale for $40, down from the typical retail price of $130, which is a terrific price for a surge protector this big. It comes with data surge protection, and a nice guarantee!

Get a surge protector for your electrical appliances! Thunderstorm season is coming soon… not to mention that down the street, we had a transformer explode last week….

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