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January 19, 2010


When I was young– back in the late 70s and early 80s– there was a craze for families to get “back to nature.” Not to be swinging from the trees, mind you, but to leave the dirty urban centers with their high taxes, crime, and chaos, and live free in the wilderness. We moved away from suburbia in the mid-80s, to a very rural parcel of land on top of a mountain. My few years spent there deeply affected my viewpoint of homesteading. My family didn’t go far enough– I would have liked to live an almost sparse, Amish-type of life: devoid of DuranDuran, Cyndi Lauper *shudder*, weight loss products (and public schooling) and such, but my dad was an electronics man with his own shop… and therefore we didn’t live entirely off the land. But they had hopes of building an underground house (my dad was concerned about nuclear war- this was when things between the US and USSR were very heated). I think I would have loved that– a cozy cave to snuggle in!

So I spent a long time gazing at these photos when I found them at This site is so cool! This is an underground home built in Switzerland, at the foothills of the Alps! Oh it’s so beautiful! But so unconventional!

I wouldn’t mind living in the ground one bit. It’s definitely more temperate. And you don’t have to worry about painting your wood siding every five years. :-p Would you do it?

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One Response to “Offbeat Design is Right!”

  1. Jay Says:

    DUDE, That is awesome!! I love those crazy looking houses! I remember recently seeing several different looking houses… including a train and a toilet! šŸ˜€ (Apparently the guy with the toilet house is a toilet manufacturer and decided that he wanted to live in one!)

    Totally cool…