I Did It Again

January 28, 2010

Design and Decor

Well, I rearranged the furniture in the living room again. Hee hee. I do it just about every four months or so. :S This time my husband was at work, so it was quite the surprise when he came home. His first reaction was, “Uh oh, she did it again” followed by, “Hey, this is much better.”


The room has been renovated for over two years now, and I really haven’t done much for decor. I’m kind of baffled as what to do with it. Last year, the room was a combo classroom and living room, with desks, computers, and a couch. But three of the children have work stations elsewhere in the house, now.. so I have my living room back (and we’re down to two desks). Maybe my listlessness is the result have having been decor-less for so long…. but I have not the foggiest idea of what to do in here. It’s still so utilitarian. Any ideas, anyone? I know I have some very talented readers… feel free to offer suggestions!




I know the first thing is to get rid of that ugly brown carpet. :-p I added it to protect the laminate floor from heavy scuffing, but now that I no longer babysit, I think I can remove it. My main concern is the walls. They are just… empty, and bland. I need more artwork, more… something. I have some Norman Rockwell prints that need frames yet… and I saw this print at Buy.com (yes, they even have art!) and just love it! It’s the Native American Indian Old Tribe And Symbols Tribal Map and I love it! I think it would be cool to have prints of maps and other historical things hanging on the walls, especially since my living room serves as a partial office. Buy.com always has a good sale, and they have everything, even a decor department. I’ve been sifting through the pages of sales and am TRYING to control myself! lol. I also saw this Old World Map and it’s spectacular!

As far as decor, I’d like to have a “sepia” tone, old-fashioned, historic look about the decor here. But the placement of the furniture– with two desks, a couch, and three bookshelves— and the style of the room– with three huge windows and two doorways— boggles my mind. Not to mention that the heater vents are on the FLOOR in the middle of three of the walls! Gah! Whoever did the furnace system was a NUT.

Anyway, the place is cluttered, and I don’t know what to do….


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