Non-Stick Spray for Shoveling

December 28, 2009

smart fixes

We finally got some snow in Upstate New York! The Mohawk Valley got about 4 inches over the weekend (just a spit o’ snow– I grew up in the Snow Belt between Lake Ontario and Lake Oneida; four inches is like a dusting there). The snow was wet and heavy, though, and still needed to be moved. Here’s a little tip for any of you novice snow shovelers out there. 😉

Spray your shovel with non-stick cooking spray before you begin shoveling. This will make the snow glide off the shovel. It works for spring digging, too! WD-40 is not a good idea to use outdoors, as it will get into the ground and contaminate the snow and soil below. Non-stick cooking spray is great because it’s a food product (veggie oils). Plus, you’ll be ravenous for popcorn when you’re done shoveling.

Snow Slam2

Non-stick cooking spray has other uses, too:

  • After applying nail polish to your nails, spray a very light coat of non-stick cooking spray onto them. The polish will dry much, much quicker!
  • Spray the cooking spray on the underside of your snow sleds. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Hang on tight, boys and girls!
  • Instead of melted butter on your popcorn, lightly spray your cooked popcorn with the butter-flavored spray.
  • Spray plastic containers before you store your food leftovers in them. It will make the containers easier to clean later.

Have fun shoveling!


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