Nice Kits for the Tool-Loving Kids

December 8, 2009


All my kids love tools. One of the first “big kid” gifts I gave my daughter (years ago now!) was a hammer. She was SO happy! lol! I know the feeling– your very first HAMMER! Remember yours? Oooo the feel of that icy cold metal and the spunky rubber grip that fit so well in your hand; and remember the melodic clang of the hammer head as it hits your thumb the nail? Yes!! Brings back such memories!

I intend on getting all my kids their own tool kits when they are old enough. I still have two more to go! Here’s a really, really nice one– it’s the Trailworthy 25 Piece Tool Kit with Flashlight. Very nice! It’s on sale right now at, 79% off for $10, with free shipping. It’s a perfect gift for a kid! They can fix their own bike, make their own birdhouse, take the set camping– and before you know it, they MAY even be renovating that horrible kitchen with the ikky orange laminate countertops!

The Trailworthy is nice– it has those small precision screwdrivers (that we are ALWAYS losing around here) and a very nice and sturdy plastic case. The flashlight takes 4 AA batteries. I love the pistol grip ratchet drive. The price is definitely right.

There’s more to be found at! I love them. I’ve ordered quite a few things from them, and the shipping is incredible! Good service, good prices– is a great place to shop. Right now they have some good deals going on for the holidays. You can shop by price, by item, by sale.

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