Find the Kitty Friday 12/18

December 18, 2009

Find the Kitty

Sometimes the best places to hide are the most obvious. :-p

FTK 12.18.09

She’s been a real pill this week. Not playing Find the Kitty or doing too much. Maybe it’s the cold weather- we’ve been blasted with single-digit temperatures and I can’t say it makes ME too playful, either!

I took down a mirror from a wall recently, and leaned it up against my filing cabinet until I had another place for it. Livvy LOVES the mirror. I don’t think she’s caught on that the reflection is her– she still scratches the reflection in the mirror. And even more funny: whenever she enters the living room, she slowly saunters up to the mirror, sniffs the image, and arches her back and makes all her silky fur stand up on edge, as if she’s spooked. She does it just about EVERY time she turns around the corner to enter the room– as soon as she sees herself, she stops and does the “spookies” as we call it. Then, she scrambles her toes and speeds away. It’s just too hilarious!



She also brings all her toys to the mirror. When we come down in the morning, we find that she has brought all her kitty toys and put them at the “feet” of the “other kitty.” Sheesh, the little pagan! :-p

Isn’t she adorable?!



5 Responses to “Find the Kitty Friday 12/18”

  1. akaGaGa Says:

    Oh, too cute! I just love it when they do that arched-back thing. I might have to get a mirror on the floor.

    And don’t you dare call her a little pagan! I think she’s just trying to make friends with … well, herself. 🙂

    My kitty post is up: finally get another FTKF post done, and you canceled it? Well, I confess I’m jealous of your Pinesol scented house, but it’s just not in me to follow your lead. So go find my kitty! 🙂 Nita