You Know They’re Getting Older When…

November 28, 2009


… they start to want the electronic gadgets.

Yep, I’ve managed to keep my kids away from the excessive electronica of our day for this long, but I’ve got a few sons who are suddenly into music. And cameras. And stereos. All we have around here is ONE CD player and one old cassette player (and I still have my old record player, by the way!). But problem is, we don’t buy CDs or cassettes anymore. Everything is moving to mp3 and digital files, and now that the boys like their music…. I guess I’m going to have to adapt. šŸ˜€ I am very comforted that they like good music, though– Hillsong, Kutless, Newsboys, Andres Segovia, etc. So while I do have to get them mp3 players, at least I don’t have to stomach the fingernails-on-chalkboard screeches of Metallica or anything. Whew!

So. MP3 player. Gosh, where do I begin?! They are expensive! $350 for an mp3 player, for a TEENAGER? That’s crazy! I don’t even have electricity in my upstairs bathroom! NO WAY am I getting an iPod or iPhone, NO WAY.

Ah, but looky here– an iPhone imposter! It’s very, very slick! It’s the V-Touch 8GB MP3/MP4 2.8″ Touch Screen, and it has a camera and earbuds, too. On sale right now for under $50, with free shipping. I love it, because it does everything a cell phone does except make and receive calls! (My sons have no need for a cell phone, but they like to play with mine because of all the features it has). The V-Touch has got a webcam, a digital camera, plays music and videos, has a voice recorder, an e-book function (very nice!), has a calendar, and more. I think this is perfect for kids, and not *too* expensive, either. It sure beats the $350 price tag for those other players. It’s on sale right now at, along with sales on loads and loads of other stuff. I also use for my household needs, such as small appliances and parts, garden supplies, etc. I love! And I think my kids will love, too. This gadget is definitely going on the Wish List!

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3 Responses to “You Know They’re Getting Older When…”

  1. Jay Says:

    I WANT ONE!!! I already have an mp3 player, but this beats all!

    FYI, because of this sudden rush to get new mp3 players, many people are selling brand new mp3 players on ebay for great prices. That’ where I bought mine! The key is to know exactly which features you want. Thanks for the information!

  2. Karen Says:

    Thanks for reminding me about! Another online retailer wanted twice the money for a gift I was wanting to purchase for my daughter inlaw. I even got free shipping at! Woo hoo!