I Like Brylane Home

November 17, 2009


Quite a number of weeks ago, I signed up for a Brylane Home freebie; since then, I’ve been getting their catalogs in the mail regularly. I’m not very fond of shopping catalogs at all, but I took a peek at the Brylane Home, and I’m pretty impressed– impressed enough to mention it here! I think they have excellent prices. I’ve been in need of some new cookware (and my bread machine died and I STILL haven’t replaced it), so I’ve been keen on housewares stores. I’ve been very dissatisfied with WalMart’s stuff– the stuff breaks or the non-stick coating wears off after minimal use— and refuse to buy any housewares there anymore. So I really like Brylane Home’s stuff, and I think things are very well priced. They have not asked me to mention them; I’m doing so because I like what I see and I thought you might benefit from it, too. The Brylane Home website is here. The prices on the website are the same as in the catalogs I get. While the inventory is good, you won’t find car accessories and everything under the sun here– just cookware, housewares, linens, bedding and bath stuff, etc. With the holidays coming and everyone’s attention turning to cooking and decorating the home, you may like the deals!

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