Great Gift Ideas For the Home

November 21, 2009

Design and Decor

I’m one of those women who LIKES getting housewares and appliances for gifts. I never liked chocolates, nor perfume, nor flowers (although I always like the intention behind them!). I do like the practical stuff, stuff that makes my kitchen and housework a little easier. So… *HINT HINT* to you(s) know(s) who(s)— check out this smashing item on sale from a Range Kleen wrought iron pot rack! And it’s a SHELF mount, not the kind you hang from the ceiling!

I do not like the ceiling ones, because I have a double dilemma: my kitchen has 9-foot ceilings (too high for me) and I have a 6-foot-1-inch high son, whose head (poor guy) is always dangerously close to my low-hanging chandeliers and hanging baskets! Seeing that I like the kid and would like to have him around for a long time, I’m avoiding heavy iron fixtures with swinging metal cookware hanging from the ceiling! I know, I’m such a devoted mom! 😉

This shelf mount hanging pot rack is all iron, painted RED. I love it! has it on sale for under $44, and it includes free shipping. It’s so classy. It would look beautiful in my Soon-To-Be-Renovated Kitchen, don’t you think? It comes in black, too, but I like the red. Classy! is having a huge sale on a lot of stuff right now. Their prices are always good, but there are some special deals just in time for the holidays. has helpful gift-idea lists, too, where you can shop for things under certain dollar amounts. Check them out, I know you will find a lot of items for gift-giving. Plus, covers a lot of the everyday household supplies that you need: vacuum cleaner parts and accessories, batteries, software, and much more. I love! Many things qualify for free shipping, too. Happy shopping! 😉

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