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October 6, 2009

Design and Decor

We’re entering in on another several months of winter, where we Northeasterners are holed up inside our half-renovated homes (well, I am, anyway), researching and planning for a new renovation season come spring. I used to get most of my ideas and information about home improvement and interior design from magazines, but now I get most of it from the Internet. The Japanese style decoration is hot right now; I like it because of it’s emphasis on natural products and simplicity.

One very cool website I’ve recently spotted is Interior Decorating Homes. Nice! They have articles full of photos and info, like how to clean hardwood floors and simple tips for installing wainscoting to your interior walls. I like it that the site has loads of good photos– interior decorating ideas are very difficult to visualize without photos (I think). Their ideas for creating a Tuscan-style kitchen are fabulous! I love kitchens like that– full of warm colors, clean lines, soft lights. And there’s a good article about home office makeovers, which I am currently looking into. I work at home, in the living room… yeah, amongst all the Legos, the schoolbooks, the ringing phone, the children’s arguments conversations… a home office is looking REALLY good right about now! I need some tips!

So anyway, this site is a nice one for those days of cabin fever, when your hands are itching to pick up the paintbrush and you can’t yet.

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