Flossing Foibles Solved

September 22, 2009

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I am a FIEND when it comes to dental hygiene. I nag nag nag my kids to brush and floss, constantly. You see, I didn’t when I was a kid, nor did we see a dentist, so by the time I was 20 years old, my teeth were a disaster. I went through a lot of suffering because I hadn’t taken care of my teeth as a girl. I am a freak when it comes to brushing, now, and I make SURE that my kids do the same.

They are all good brushers, but when it comes to flossing…. the boys are not too keen on it.. It’s a tedious, boring task, I know. But still, it must be done! I try to give the kids every thing I can to make the task a little less tedious.

One cool tool I have discovered is DenTek’s Fun Flossers. Even my older kids like them! They have a strip of floss on a colorful, grippy handle, and are angled to reach all the teeth– they are the perfect kids floss tool. So even the boys will use them. It took some haggling to convince them— we made a cute video about our Flossing Foibles… take a peek! It looks like the Fun Flossers really are fun!

Now isn’t that cute!! The kids have such a good sense of humor!!

Check out DenTek. Kids like colorful (and easy to do) stuff, so if you’ve been having a hassle getting them to floss, DenTek will help!

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