A Room’s Best Friend

September 23, 2009

Design and Decor

I whole-heartedly believe that a room’s best friend– especially an older home with lots of old rooms with old floors– are high-quality area rugs. I just LOVE area rugs. They conceal a floor’s many blemishes and unevenness, and look so classy at the same time. I am not a big fan of wall-to-wall carpeting. I used to like it, and it does have a warming effect during our long, cold winters here in Upstate New York… but wall-to-wall carpets are difficult to clean, bland, rather ugly, and require professional installation (or advanced DIY skills). I much prefer area rugs. Whether the house is old or new, area rugs just ooze CLASS and beauty.

I think rugs are a room’s best friend. Rugs add warmth, style, and comfort to a room. Area rugs are an excellent choice for all types of flooring.


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