Repaint, You Thinners!

August 23, 2009

Design and Decor

Gosh, we only have another month of home improvement time. Uhhh… I am far, far behind this year. My front porch needs to be painted, as well as my front and back doors. Yikes! I had really, really good intentions to do it last week (I REALLY did!), but the Bermuda humidity we were slammed with put an end to that. No sense painting a door that will never dry… :-p

So… I expect the nice weather to come back soon. And then, we will be painting like CRAZY I tell ya! But whoa-hoh, what happened to the Big Box retail stores and prices?! Did they suddenly get hit with a high overhead or something? Prices on home improvement stuff has really crept up. I’m looking online more often, even for home supplies.

Of course, the first place I check is Its my favorite online store, and they really have MARVELOUS prices. With free shipping on a lot of stuff. Plus, I do like their selection- they have everything! I even found the special paint I was looking for: Rustoleum Regal Red Protective Enamel Paint, for my fiberglass front door. Nice. šŸ˜€ Price is nice, too, just under $14, including shipping. And look what else I found! One of those very nifty 5-in-1 Painter’s Tools– for ONLY $7! (Does not include free shipping, though). We got one a few months ago, and it was $17. :-p Sheesh.

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One Response to “Repaint, You Thinners!”

  1. Karen Says:

    LOL I love this post title.