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August 18, 2009


I have a BILLION manuals in my file cabinets. I have two file cabinets, with TWO drawers-full of manuals, even to appliances that I no longer own. Yow, I have really got to go through those cabinets. What a wreck. And wouldn’t ya know– I needed to find a manual for one of my sanding tools the other day, and we can’t find it. OH GREAT. Here I have 2 billion manuals for every appliance I’ve owned since 1989, and I can’t find the one I need! Sheesh!

Well…. I’ll put this bug in your ear because it helped me– (No this is not a paid post!). I love these people. They have uploaded manuals to scores and scores of every thing under the sun– vacuums, coffeemakers, DVD players, printers, and for my Skil sander. Man, this place was a lifesaver– I heard about it from Kim Komando (the computer geek). The manuals are free. Bookmark the site, you’ll be glad you did.

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One Response to “Online Manuals”

  1. Paulineh Says:

    You know I did the same thing. I have lots of manuals but the one I was looking for has disappear. I even had ones that were about 20 years old. Thanks for the link to maybe finding the one I am looking for. Great post.