How a Hurricane is Born

August 25, 2009

weather woes

The United States is in the midst of another hurricane season. New York State was completely drenched by Hurricane Bill (THREE inches of rain in two hours!) and my yard looked like a lake again…. I can’t complain, really- other areas suffered flash flooding and there were multiple car accidents from it. 🙁 And my area is not anywhere slammed as hard as folks along the coastal areas…. yow. I don’t know HOW you guys in those areas deal with this, year after year, having to nail plywood to your windows, and batten down the hatches, only to see the ocean swirling in…. *shudder*

So it is with some fascination that I found this brief video by BBC, about how a hurricane forms. Very interesting…. so a hurricane is formed by a little African girl playing in the sand, eh? lol




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4 Responses to “How a Hurricane is Born”

  1. Injane Says:

    O.K. Personally, I think that a hurricane is caused by the great big Thunderbird-with-the-bump-on-its-head sneezing. That’s why our mothers always told us that if we play in the rain, we will catch a cold and get pneumonia.

    Those scientists on BBC aren’t so smart.

  2. Mike Says:

    And Danny is on its way – advisory for maybe 1 as it approaches New England. Monadnock Region of NH had five inches of rain from last Saturday in under a four hour span.