Harvest Time

August 27, 2009

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We spent some time today out in the gardens, now that the humidity is down and it is FINALLY not raining. The weather is gorgeous– sunny, crisp air, and 70 degrees! I’m loving it!

We checked the condition of the vegetable beds. I haven’t spent nearly enough time in them this year. That, and the late frost we had, soaking constant rains, and the humid blast we had last week had been really rough on the poor plants. It was painful to wander back there and see them struggling for life.

My zucchini didn’t make it. This is the first time in all my years in New York State that we have had this happen. Zucchini is the staple of any vegetable garden, usually producing woefully excessive amounts of squash to share. This year, we probably got a dozen or so fruits out of FIVE plants. Usually, I’d probably be getting 5 times that.

Zucchini Blight

The root vegetables turned out very well, as they usually do. I harvested half my potato patch today! And we pulled out a few Monster Turnips. Look at these things! What on earth am I going to do with them?! And there are about 15 more in the garden, still!

Potato Patch

Bucket o Taters

Giant Turnips

Speaking of giants, we spotted this humongous fly on the fence. NEVER seen one so large! Yuck!

Giant Fly

Best of all, there’s my grape vine. My beautiful, beloved grapes! *sigh*

Reliance Grapes

From what I hear, many gardens across the U.S. have not fared too well. My tomatoes did poorly, but I don’t eat tomatoes much, so I didn’t care. I’m very sorry to see my zucchini die, though. How did your garden do?

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12 Responses to “Harvest Time”

  1. Lynne Says:

    That’s a HUGE turnip! Sorry to hear about the zucchini, the weather has been so strange!

  2. Beth Says:

    Our income has gone down, our expenses have gone up, and I just gave birth to our 8th child. I was really counting on the garden producing. However, the week before the baby was born I directed my older children in disposing of 27 tomato plants that had been hit by late blight and we pulled out the yellow squash and zuccini plants that had been destroyed by squash vine borers. My broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and collards did almost nothing this year. I still have some pepper plants that aren’t doing a lot and a few cucumber plants that are doing a decent job. I really need to be getting my fall crop of lettuce and kale and carrots in, but the new baby is taking up all of my time now!

  3. Bonnie Story Says:

    Last year here in WA was like your current year – but we made up for it this year! Awesome tomato and zucc year. Not so good for the brocc and cabbage though, odd. Also one of the very best pea years ever!

    Hopefully next year the pendulum won’t swing back and blight our efforts. As here’s hoping that next year you are once again rolling in fresh veggies! As they say in baseball, “Just wait ’till next year!”

  4. Rebecca Says:

    We’ve had a pretty good harvest of broccoli,peppers,cucumbers and corn. I’ll be trying to find a blight resistant tomatoe for next year though.

    Your potatoes sure do look good. I never got around to planting those this year šŸ™

  5. jenn Says:

    My zucchini did great for a few weeks, and then looked exactly like yours, and I’m in SC. I had six yellow squash plants, and picked only about 5 squash before they dried up. I planted 12 pepper plants, and didn’t pick a single one. I believe it’s been awful everywhere.

    Your turnips are awesome, though.

  6. Nilz Says:

    I do not really have a garden. But harvesting in this season was very difficult for scarcity of rainfall. Tough luck for a lot of people here.

  7. Nathalie Brault Says:

    My did not do well at all I live in Quebec Canada and it rained all the time.. the only thing I got are green beans and a lot of them maybe a few cucumbers and 3 tomatoes out of 12 plants hihihi! that is very poor.
    but I must say that I was on my back all summer in pain and my husband decided to do the garden s but after hearing all these people and their garden doing poorly I can say my husband did not do so band then.

    • Mrs. Mecomber Says:

      Thanks for the comments! Yeah, Jenn, gardeners across the Eastern seaboard are all lamenting this year… Nathalie, I got the same rains you did– Quebec is not too far from my location. What a soggy year!

      Rebecca– IS there a blight-resistant tomato? If you find one, let me know!

      Bonnie- thanks for the hopeful comment!! I’m pulling everything out of the garden and have to figure out a way to kill the fungus.

      Beth, I am sorry to hear! I feed a large crowd, too. Root vegetables ALWAYS do well for us. And they store well, too.

  8. Holly Says:

    Our family garden is still going and though a few things did not grow well most everything is doing great. We finally had grapes this year and our pumpkins should be ready for Halloween.

  9. Martha A. Cheves Says:

    I can’t believe the size of your turnips! I’ve never seen them that large before.

  10. Stacie Says:

    The gardens here didn’t do well and alot of the corn fields look pretty sad! At least you got a good amount of potatos. Those turnips are HUGE.

  11. Shinade aka Jackie Says:

    I love turnips and so does my oldest grandson. We love them boiled and smashed. Everyone down here in the south loves the greens but not me. I love the turnip.

    I think everyone had problems this year with their gardens. I only had a few tomato and pepper plants in pots this year but even they didn’t make well at all.

    But, like everyone else, we too have had strange weather this summer.