She’s Peeved

July 17, 2009


Just one of those “Kodak” moments. My cat, Livvy, was resting on the couch. But my daughter had the audacity to run the vacuum cleaner in the room next door. The look on her little puddy face is priceless!

Livvy Peeved

Livvy Peeved 1

Livvy Peeved 2

Livvy Peeved 3


7 Responses to “She’s Peeved”

  1. ann Says:

    the look on her face does seem to say “How dare you”…lol Very pretty kitty

  2. Brenda @ Split Rock Ranch Says:

    How DARE someone interrupt the sleep of Her Highness! Aren’t cats a hoot?

  3. Mamaflo Says:

    That looks like one entitled kitty!!

  4. Stacie Says:

    Love the look on the cats face!

  5. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    Livvy is very brave. I usually run and hide under the bed when I hear the sucky monster.

  6. A.Marie Says:

    How Funny! That cat does look a little peeved, doesn’t she! Doesn’t the person making all of the noise understand that they are disturbing The Queen! 🙂

  7. Mizé Says:

    This is why I love cats so much…
    It looks that she´s saying: “What the heck! Now that I was just in the middle of my beauty sleep. Where´s the off button?”
    Good week ahead!