Outdoor Improvements, aka Yard PR

July 8, 2009

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One of the great things about having a perennials-only garden is that you get free plants after a few years. ALLLLL my perennials are bursting at the seams, so we have been enlarging our garden beds to accommodate them. And like the saying goes: “Many hands make light work.” The biggest difficulty is obtaining affordable mulch. The cost of mulch has really gone up, and I have been very tempted to outright buy a wood chipper to make my own! The prices per bag are ridiculous! And the bulk mulch from the nearby farms isn’t much lower.

Anyway, we are expanding our Secret Garden, presently, really trying to beef up the neighborhood PR New York. This area of the yard is the most visible as you drive down the street, and it has a lousy view for us (the garish parking lots and the car collision shops down the road). It’s been in desperate need of beautification.

Busting the sod:

Enlarging Secret Garden

Bust Sod

We chop it up into small squares, and transport the sod to a shabby part of the property, an area we are trying to improve. It’s an old parking lot we’re trying to cover. It’s in very poor shape. There’s a very large parking lot next door, and years ago it was connected to ours (the neighbor’s and our properties were once one large lot). All the rainwater spills down into this ugly area, creating a very large pool of murky water. It’s in some serious need of public relations New York big time!

I’m laying sod here along my property line to cause more rapid decay of the asphalt and to absorb some of the water that collects here.

New Turf

If I can keep the kids from playing in the water and stop them from creating “rivers” in the mud, this may look nice after the grass grows in!

In the next post or two, I’ll have some photos of our plants. šŸ™‚

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2 Responses to “Outdoor Improvements, aka Yard PR”

  1. Frugal Urbanite Says:

    We had to buy 30 bags of mulch for our landscape (bought a foreclosure and the lot was a disaster). I couldn’t believe how expensive these glorified wood chips were. And don’t get me started on gravel.

    I can’t wait until the blooming season ends and I get to snitch all the cuttings from my parents perennials. The other nice thing about perennials is you can share.


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